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Insurance from A-Z

September 16, 2020

Insure Our Event is your one stop shop for all things event insurance.

From large scale charity balls through to private garden parties, we’ve got your back. If you’re not sure what type of cover you need, our expert team are always on hand to help. Our online quote form is also easy to navigate and should provide you with the guidance you need.

Our insurance cover is quick, efficient and easy to arrange. But that doesn’t mean we’re a robots-only business. We care about the events industry and want to do all we can to support you. When you chat to the team, rest assured you’re chatting to someone who genuinely cares and wants to protect you.

So the real question is who wouldn’t want to get their insurance policy from Insure Our Event?

We’ve put together an A-Z of every colourful, quirky and characterful events we love to insure…

A is for… arts and crafts

Whether you’re an artist holding your own stall, or the organiser of a regular arts and crafts fair, make sure you’re covered.

B is for… bag packing

If you’re bag packing for charity you won’t need insurance, right? Wrong! Anything can happen when you’re dealing with members of the public.

C is for… Christmas

From Christmas light switch ons and seasonal parties to tree displays and festive markets, you should never be complacent when it comes to cover.

D is for… dancing

Dance shows and festivals can be great fun, so don’t let an unexpected accident or incident spoil the show.

E is for… exhibition

Private or public exhibitions carry unique risks. Make sure you keep them under control and have insurance cover in place, just in case.

F is for… fireworks

We provide cover for spectacular fireworks displays all over the country, whether they’re organised by a professional contractor or not.

G is for… gardens

We all love a garden party, don’t we? Come rain or shine, we’ve got you covered.

H is for… horses

Horse racing, horse shows… you name an equestrian event, you bet we want to hear all about it.

I is for… ice

Don’t slip up when organising an ice hockey or ice skating event.

J is for… jumble sales

Car boots and jumble sales are picking up in popularity. But, as with all public events, you’ll need to make sure a claim won’t spoil your jumble sale!

K is for… karaoke

All good parties have the chance to get up and have a singalong. Just let us know a few details about your birthday bash and we’ll do the rest.

L is for… lectures

Whether your lecture is invite-only or open to the public, you ought to consider what you’ll do if there’s an accident or incident. We know the answer – you’ll call us!

M is for… markets

Markets are popular all year round, from Spring fairs through to festive market stalls. Don’t leave it too late to get your cover sorted.

N is for… netball

We share the same goal – we want your netball game to be a roaring success. Make sure that, whatever happens, you aren’t left financially vulnerable.

O is for… obstacle races

Trips, slips and falls are a relatively common occurrence… let alone when you start putting obstacles in the way. That’s why those organising sporting events turn to us for help.

P is for… parties

Party planners and private hosts alike enjoy working with Insure Our Event to help protect their parties.

Q is for… quizzes

Whilst accidents or incidents aren’t likely to happen at a quiz, you really never know. Keep your quizmaster and quizees safe with top notch cover.

R is for… re-enactments

With all those homemade weapons out there, you’ll want to make sure your re-enactment event is adequately covered. You don’t want to be left footing the bill for a swordfight injury!

S is for… speed dating

As with all public events, you’ll need to protect your speed dating guests and the venue against accidents or incidents. Let’s hope cupid keeps their lovebirds in line! 

T is for… trade shows

Trade shows are big business, but they carry big risks too. If someone makes a claim against you, make sure you’re not left footing the bill.

U is for… unique

If your event’s not on our extensive list of event types, don’t worry! Just tell us a little more about your event and we’ll do our best to provide bespoke cover for you.

V is for… volunteering

If volunteers are helping out with your event, you should consider Employers’ Liability Insurance to protect them.

W is for… weddings

Make sure your wedding goes without a hitch! Give yourself total peace of mind on your big day with Insure Our Event wedding insurance.

X is for… x marks the spot

Treasure hunts or orienteering events are great fun, but that doesn’t mean they’re hazard-free. If a guest, visitor or staff member has an accident and makes a claim against you, you’ll need insurance to cover you.

Y is for…. you

We don’t just insure event planners or regular event series. Many of our customers are individual people, just like you, looking for cover for a one-off event

Z is for… Zoom

Online events are on the rise, with many event organisers choosing to go digital as well as hosting a physical event.

Join our hall of fame of fantastic events!

We remember every single event we help to insure. That’s because we love hearing all about them. So, go on, fill out our quote form and let’s get insurance ticked off your to do list and added to ours.

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