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Event Cancellation Cover

Insure Our Event Cancellation Insurance

If you’re organising an event, chances are you will have invested time and probably money that you don’t want to lose. Event Cancellation Cover will provide reassurance and protection.

Our standard cover will protect you for irrecoverable costs resulting from the cancellation, postponement, or abandonment of your event.

What we’ll cover:

  • Net Financial losses following the necessary and unavoidable cancellation, abandonment or rescheduling of an event due to adverse weather or reasons beyond your control
  • Loss due to adverse weather if the event is taking place outdoors or in a temporary structure (however this may need to be stipulated under a separate adverse weather policy cover)
  • Losses resulting from your failure to vacate the venue at the termination of tenancy
  • National mourning following the death of head of state or member of the Royal Family (under 65 years old; check your Policy Wording for further details)
  • Reasonable and necessary additional costs or charges paid by you to avoid or diminish a loss

We also offer extended cover to include a wider array of cancellation specifics – these are detailed in Additional Covers.

We don’t cover:

  • Failure to make appropriate arrangements
  • Cancellation due to lack of sales
  • Breaches of contract
  • Customs seizure or contraband within your knowledge
  • Cancellation of the event due to circumstances known to you prior to the policy’s inception
  • The failure of a supplier where your booking arrangements are not confirmed in writing
  • War, terrorism or nuclear risks
  • Non-appearance of individuals or groups
  • Losses due to communicable diseases

In the event of any happening or circumstance which could give rise to a claim under this policy, you must take all reasonable steps to minimise or avoid any loss under this policy. You must also, at no point, make no admission of liability or offer of payment without our prior written consent.

Once the policy has been agreed, you must tell us as soon as possible about any changes in the information you have provided to us which happens before or during any period of insurance. If you do not inform us about a change it may affect any claim you make or could result in your insurance being invalid.

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