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Event Security

Security should be a major consideration for every event organiser, whether you’re running a large festival or a private party. The importance of a strong security provision should never be overlooked, because the safety of your guests should always be your number one priority.

  • Consider the security presence you need
  • Map out your event and run through hypothetical security scenarios to make sure you’re employing the right number of security staff.
  • Conduct a security Risk Assessment. Identify potential security issues, hazards or controversies and plan for them accordingly.
  • Review your door policy
  • Select an SIA-approved security contractor.
  • Make sure each member of staff knows their specific roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure all staff know what suspicious behaviour to look out for, and what to do if they identify anything suspicious
  • Have measures in place to deal with overcrowding, so your venue will never go over maximum capacity
  • Remind staff of their brief on the day, and ensured they’re familiar with the event layout and general operation. Make note of who has delivered this brief and when.

For more information on improving your event security, take a look at our blog or contact our specialist team.

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