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Live happily ever after with Wedding Insurance.

Insure Our Event know how important the big day is for all involved. The last thing a bride or groom should be worrying about is their financial security if something were to go wrong. The only way to ensure you are covered when running a wedding, is by taking out insurance. However, with all weddings being unique, individual events, wedding insurance can be complex and difficult.

Wedding cover needs to be flexible and comprehensive to ensure you are protected from any unexpected hitches. Imagine what could happen; a supplier or caterer could let you down last minute, the venue may cancel, weather may ruin your outdoor plans, or the entertainment may not show.

Adequate wedding insurance relies on the venue’s liability insurance and protects the events comprising the wedding. Comprehensive wedding insurance includes personal public liability coverage, event equipment cover, cancellation insurance, adverse weather and plenty of others.

However, we would not be able to cover the wedding being called off due to last minute jitters and being jilted at the altar, but bad weather stopping the event would be within grounds for compensation. Get the type of cover you want with Insure Our Event’s flexible wedding insurance plan. Or if you are not sure which types you need, talk to us, about your wedding plans and requirements, and we’ll assess what is best for you.

Insure Our Event recommends taking out your Wedding Insurance policy as soon as possible. You’ll be investing time and money in your wedding potentially years in advance of the event, so it makes sense to be fully covered.

Now available from £35*

What we cover:

  • Injury expenses in the event of a claim
  • Judicial expenses in the event of a claim
  • Event equipment
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Abandonment due to adverse weather conditions
  • Postponement of the event
  • Terrorism disruption in the area

What isn’t covered:

  • Cold feet! We can’t provide cover if the bride or groom changes their mind
  • Death of a family member or other wedding guest
  • Damage to the dress or other wedding outfit
  • Failure of suppliers

Unsure? Talk to us and find out. Call us on 0344 488 9207 or fill out our quick and easy online form to get a preliminary quote.

Effective risk management is crucial to improving safety. It also significantly reduces the chances of your event needing to pay vast amounts of money in legal costs and damages. Insure Our Event has created a “Spot The Risk” test, demonstrating the risks involved in running an event.

Wedding insurance works by covering the financial cost you’d be losing out on if unforeseen circumstances arise. This could cover costs of claims due to injury, due to damages, due to cancellation or any legal fees.

To begin organising wedding insurance, contact Insure Our Event for a quote.

Yes. Without wedding insurance, you would be at risk of paying for expensive legal fees and damages out of your own pocket.

To be fully protected in the eventuality of bad weather cancellation or hired equipment malfunction, wedding planners need insurance.

Insure Our Event will insure liability for your wedding. Policies include public liability cover, event equipment cover, cancellation insurance, adverse weather and plenty of others. Fill out a quote form to receive a starting price for your insurance premium.

Alternatively, talk to us and we will help arrange your insurance to your unique specifications

If your wedding cannot go ahead because of a direct result of COVID-19, this being a family member contracting the virus, then unfortunately this would not be covered as Insure Our Event’s policy does not cover illness or absence of guests. It does however cover postponement or cancellation in regards, venue hire and equipment hire.

This special circumstance would need to be discussed with us and the venue management and suppliers. Changes in government guidance would affect the outcome of any claim in relation to COVID-19.

Yes. Wedding insurance can be purchased at any time before the event, however the sooner the better and the wider the range of policies available.

Insure Our Event recommends buying wedding insurance as soon as possible as this will protect you from the risk of losing out on money due to cancellation, abandonment or postponement.

Wedding Insurance options to consider…

Public Liability Insurance, Event Equipment Insurance, Event Cancellation Insurance and Additional Covers

You could also include…

Employers’ Liability Insurance

*£35 premium is based on a event with up to 50 attendees and public liability cover of £2 million and excludes Employers Liability, Property, Money & Cancellation cover. Prices will vary dependent on event size and cover required. Complete our instant quote form for a tailored quote for your event.

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