Wedding Insurance

Live happily every after with Wedding Insurance.

Our flexible, comprehensive wedding cover can be totally tailored to your event. So whether you need the entirety of your big day incorporated into your policy, or just want to cover the ceremony or reception, we can make sure you’re protected for any unexpected hitches.

There are many aspects of a wedding to consider insuring. A supplier or caterer could let you down last minute, or you might have an issue with your venue and have to cancel part of the event. Wedding Insurance makes sure you get your money back for any deposits you paid and pays out for any unexpected loss or damage.

You may assume your venue has all the adequate Public Liability Insurance you need, but what if there’s damage to the venue caused by the wedding party or your guests? Consider purchasing your own Public Liability Insurance for your wedding to make sure you’re not left footing the bill if something goes wrong.

We recommend taking out your Wedding Insurance policy as soon as possible. You’ll be investing time and money in your wedding potentially years in advance of the event, so make sure you’re adequately covered in advance.

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What isn’t covered:

  • Cold feet! We can’t provide cover if the bride or groom changes their mind
  • Death of a family member or other wedding guest
  • Damage to the dress or other wedding outfit
  • Failure of suppliers

Wedding Insurance options to consider…

Public Liability Insurance, Event Equipment Insurance, Event Cancellation Insurance and Additional Covers

You could also include…

Employers’ Liability Insurance

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