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Performers and Musicians' Insurance

Hit the right note every time with Insure Our Event’s performers and musicians’ insurance.

When planning your stage set list, also remember to plan your insurance policy. Ideal for solo performers, bands, dance groups, musicians and ensembles; Insure Our Event’s performer’s and musician’s insurance will keep you financially protected.

Venues and event organisers will often require their musicians and entertainers to have their own public liability insurance. They may ask for proof of a certificate before an event. Ensure your not caught short by contacting Insure Our Event early. Insure Our Event offer a range of policy types including festival insurance and party insurance for organisers.

Protection is essential, yet sometimes becoming subject to a claim is unavoidable. At Insure Our Event, we have an in-house claims team who provide will guide you through the process of a claim from start to finish. We also provide ample information, checklists and guidance to help you understand the complicated process. We treat every case individually, so by insuring with Insure Our Event, you can be sure you are getting the best of the best.

What we cover:

  • Public liability for performers and musicians, this covers any injuries you are liable for and accidental damages you commit to the venue or equipment.
  • The expenses, legal fees and claimant costs if found liable for an incident.
  • Employers’ liability insurance, covering any of your volunteers, helpers or staff members.
  • The cost of fixing or replacing hired equipment which has been damaged or stolen at the event.
  • Cover of expenses if the event is cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • If the event is abandoned, we cover the musicians’ costs of equipment as well as hiring the venue and the catering costs. See our one off event insurance if you wish to arrange insurance for your event.

What we don't cover:

  • Covering costs of a lack of guests at the event.
  • Incidents, failures or cancellations as a result of COVID-19.
  • Anything already insured under third party policy agreement.

Risk management and thorough risk assessments is critical, it will improve your safety preparation and could reduce your premium. It also significantly shortens the chances of organisers needing to pay out for legal costs or damages. Insure Our Event has created a “Spot The Risk” test, demonstrating the risks involved in running any type of event.

Yes, musicians will need to arrange public liability insurance before the event. Many venues or organisers will ask for proof of insurance. Costs of a claim can range into the tens of thousands. Public liability insurance for musicians will cover legal fees, expenses, and compensation claims.

Musicians, before performing at an event, should contact Insure Our Event to get insurance. We will provide you with a range of cover types, ensuring you receive tailored insurance that covers your needs.

If you turn up to a gig without the correct insurance, you could be not allowed to perform. If you perform and have no insurance, you could be prosecuted. Bands need insurance, most importantly public liability insurance which protects your finances in the case of a claim made against the band. Event equipment insurance is also ideal, protecting the cost of damages to your equipment during an event.

Performers Insurance options to consider…

Public Liability for Events, Employers’ Liability for Events, Event Equipment Cover, Event Cancellation, as well as Additional Covers

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