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Animal Event Insurance

Our animal event insurance will keep your event on track.

Dog show insurance and other forms of animal event insurance is designed to protect the finances of event organisers. If your business involves running animal events, dog shows or fundraising activities, it is important to have the right level of insurance cover.

If you are a stallholder at an animal event or dog show, then our Stallholders insurance will be more suited to your needs. If you are a participant at an event, then you will require your own personal insurance, but please do check the organiser has their insurance in place before taking part. They can receive a quick free quote on animal event insurance with us.

Insure Our Event are able to cover one day events or week-long and beyond, encompassing all your needs in a single policy that is easy to understand. For animal event organisers wanting to cover their mandatory employers liability insurance obligations, see our information on Employers’ Liability Insurance.

Animal events and dog shows, like any large-scale event, include a high degree of risk. Often overlooked, many potential unexpected circumstances can occur, resulting in an expensive claim. Animal event shows require a comprehensive insurance policy and an experienced event insurance team which can provide valuable guidance.

We know it’s impossible to eliminate all risks, but by making sure you have Public Liability cover for your animal event ensures your business is protected from potential injuries and damages.

Our insurance protection for animal events, shows or fundraising activities covers the organisers should a claim arise following injury to a member of the public, or if their property is damaged as a result of your event’s activities, all within one policy.

We also offer Employers’ Liability, which protects you should an employee make a claim against you. Cancellation Cover and Equipment Cover also protect other aspects of your event which pose significant risk.

What we cover:

  • Public liability protection in the event of injury caused by negligence or accident, e.g. a guest injured due to a trip or slip
  • Employers’ liability will cover damages and claims relating to employees or volunteers, e.g. an employee injured from a bump that wasn’t their fault
  • Hired or purchased equipment covered in the case of accidental loss, damage or theft that are not already covered by the venue or the participants’ insurance
  • Cancellation and postponement insurance, ideal to cover the cost of refunds for participants and audience members
  • Adverse weather and abandonment cover

What we don't cover:

  • If the participants don’t appear
  • If guests don’t appear
  • If the suppliers are stallholders don’t appear
  • Financial loss in direct relation with COVID-19
  • Anything covered by third party insurance, such as the participants’ pet insurance or the guests’  stallholders insurance or the venue’s liability insurance

Effective risk management is crucial to improving safety. It also significantly reduces the chances of event organisers needing to pay vast amounts of money in legal costs and damages. Insure Our Event has created a “Spot The Risk” test, demonstrating the risks involved in running any type of event.

To run a public event of any kind, organisers will need public liability insurance. Dog show insurance ensure cover is tailored to the needs of the organiser. This covers the costs of accidental injury damages and legal fees concerning a member of the public.

Organisers organisers will also need employers’ liability insurance, event cancellation insurance and equipment insurance to stay fully protected. They should check their participants have in date pet insurance or animal insurance, in case anything unforeseen were to happen.

We offer a free quotation service on all animal events, see our quote form here.

Animal event insurance at Insure Our Event is a one-off event insurance policy which covers fees due to unforeseen circumstances such as injury, damages, cancellation and adverse weather.

Exhibition insurance protects the finances of the organisers in regards to claims made and legal fees. It is necessary for public event organisers.

The cost of insuring an animal event depends on the size of the event, the expected attendees, the species of animal, the history of the cover and the risks involved. Dog shows have a wide range of risks and therefore comprehensive insurance will be needed to ensure organisers are fully covered. To learn more about the risks involved in running an event, take our Spot The Risk test.

To get an estimation on the cost of insuring your event, fill out our Insure Our Event quote form today.

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Animal Event Insurance options to consider…

Employers’ Liability, Public Liability, Event Equipment Cover, Event Cancellation, Additional Covers

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