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Examples of How Event Insurance Has Saved Events

February 16, 2024

From natural disasters to cancellations, organisers must navigate a myriad of pitfalls to ensure their events go off without a hitch. Fortunately, event insurance offers a safety net, providing protection against financial losses and liabilities in the face of adversity.

In this article, we’ll explore example case studies that illustrate how event insurance has come to the rescue, saving events from potential disasters.

Case Study 1: Wedding Washout

In the spring of 2019, a couple planned their dream outdoor wedding in a picturesque garden venue. However, in the morning, rain began to fall, threatening to wash out the entire event. With the outdoor ceremony and reception at risk, the venue was considering cancellation of all events, including the couple’s wedding.

Having wisely invested in wedding insurance, the couple was relieved to discover that their policy included coverage for adverse weather conditions and cancellation. The insurance provider promptly reimbursed the couple for expenses incurred due to venue relocation, rental equipment, and other last-minute arrangements. Thanks to the coverage provided by their event insurance policy, the couple were confident to proceed with the wedding elsewhere – knowing that the additional costs of relocation and catering would be reimbursed.

Case Study 2: Music Festival Fall

In the summer of 2020, a popular music festival faced a medical emergency when a concertgoer suffered a severe fall. With attendees witnessing the fall, the concertgoer was quickly aided by medical staff and taken to hospital. Fortunately, the festival had invested in comprehensive event insurance cover that included public liability and medical expenses.

Although the concertgoer has since recovered, the claim they made would have severely affected the event organiser if they not had had comprehensive public liability insurance. Thankfully, the music festival has been able to continue annually, with enhanced safety measures and risk management in place to reduce the likelihood of any future incidents.

Case Study 3: Corporate Conference Cancellation

In the fall of 2021, a multinational corporation planned to host a large-scale conference to launch its latest product line and foster networking among industry professionals. However, just weeks before the scheduled event, the entertainment cancelled. Faced with the possibility of significant financial losses, the corporation utilised its event insurance.

Having secured event cancellation insurance, the corporation received financial protection against losses incurred due to the event’s cancellation or postponement. The insurance coverage helped cover expenses related to venue deposits, speaker fees, marketing materials, and other event preparations. While disappointed by the need to cancel the in-person conference, the corporation pivoted to a virtual format, leveraging technology to deliver engaging presentations and networking opportunities to attendees worldwide.

Thanks to the coverage provided by their event insurance policy, the corporation was able to minimise its financial exposure and adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring the success of its conference despite the unprecedented challenges.

Why event insurance is essential for any event size

In conclusion, these example case studies underscore the importance of event insurance in mitigating risks and safeguarding the success of events, regardless of size or scope.

By investing in comprehensive coverage tailored to specific needs, event organisers can protect themselves against unforeseen challenges.

With Insure Our Event, event organisers can receive an instant free quote for their large or small event.

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