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Market Stall & Stallholder Insurance

Stallholders Insurance for the right price.

Are you attending an event as a trader, exhibitor or stallholder? Then you need stallholder insurance to keep your finances fully protected.

Are you hosting a market as an organiser or event runner? Then you will need liability and cancellation insurance from Insure Our Event.

Now available from £35*

Setting up for an event can take weeks of preparation as well as a lot of time and money. Every stall or interaction with the public brings with it a series of risks which could result in a claim being made against you. Should an accident happen, you may be left facing a hefty claim for injury, damages and legal costs. This is why it’s important to purchase comprehensive market stall insurance.

Most stallholders will be required by law to have public liability insurance. Insure Our Event also recommends event equipment coverevent cancellation cover and employers’ liability insurance.

The Best Stallholder Insurance

This comprehensive stallholder’s insurance policy will protect you from a wide range of eventualities. If bad weather prevents the event going ahead, you would be covered for the loss of revenue and the cost of travel and equipment hire. If an accident happens with your stall, you would be covered for the cost of legal fees if the injured party was unable to work, be they staff, a volunteer or a member of the public.

Whether it be at a village fete, a town market stall or at a local craft fair, Insure Our Event will assess your needs and requirements and curate the perfect policy for you. Our stallholders insurance is flexible, able to cover only the areas you require for the ideal tailored policy.

For organisers looking to host a market, see our Exhibition Event Insurance for more information. 

What types of stalls do we cover:

  • Temporary stalls in store or shopping centres
  • Temporary structures at events
  • Stalls within a public market
  • Tents or marquees

What does Market Stall Insurance cover?:

  • Mandatory public liability cover for stallholders and market traders
  • Employers’ liability cover relating to employees or volunteers
  • Hired or purchased equipment covered in the case of accidental loss or damage
  • If you are permitted no access to customers due to cancellation or postponement of the event
  • If your stock gets damaged or stolen

What does Market Stall Insurance not cover?:

  • If no-one buys your product at the venue
  • Financial loss in direct relation with COVID-19
  • Anything covered by third party insurance, such as the organiser’s exhibition insurance or the venue’s insurance

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Effective risk management is crucial to improving safety. It also significantly reduces the chances of your event needing to pay vast amounts of money in legal costs and damages. Insure Our Event has created a “Spot The Risk” test, demonstrating the risks involved in running an event.

Yes, they each aim to cover the same purpose. They include standard public liability insurance for market traders, market stall holders and event organisers. Market event organisers should look at our exhibition event insurance depending on their event, as it may be more suited and may provide more information.

Additional covers include event equipment coverevent cancellation cover and employers’ liability insurance which will need to be added on to your cover, available when filling out our quote form.

It is mandatory for stallholders at public events to purchase their own public liability insurance. Other insurance policies such as employers’ liability, event equipment cover, cancellation cover and adverse weather are recommended.

To have their finances fully protected, stall holders need to invest in a comprehensive insurance policy from Insure Our Event.

The price of insurance for a market stall differs depending on various factors, including size, history, type of product and volume of event attendees. To get a quote on your stall, fill out an Insure Our Event quote form.

To run a market as an organiser, you should consider our one-off event insurance. This is for organisers who require a risk assessment and a flexible insurance policy in order to effectively cover the finances of their event. Insure Our Event provide a variety of covers related to events, able to curate bespoke insurance plans tailored to any occasion.

To learn more and contact an insurance professional to explain your requirements, contact us on 0344 488 9207.

Stallholder Insurance options to consider…

Public Liability Insurance, Employers’ Liability, Equipment Cover, Event Cancellation Cover, Additional Cover

*£35 premium is based on an event with up to 50 attendees and public liability cover of £2m and excludes Employers Liability, Property, Money & Cancellation cover. Prices will vary dependent on event size and cover required. Complete our instant quote form for a tailored quote for your event.

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