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What is event insurance
and why do I need it?

Event insurance gives you peace of mind that, if anything goes wrong, you’re covered financially. Effective risk management can significantly reduce the chances of something going awry, but often incidents can’t be predicted. Event insurance covers you against any unexpected ‘what ifs’.

Protect your guests, visitors, staff and yourself by arranging comprehensive insurance cover
for your event.

Who needs event insurance?

Anyone organising an event should arrange their own event insurance. This will protect you if there’s an accident or incident at your event and a member of the public, staff, or volunteer decides to make a claim against you. Your insurance will take care of any defence costs and settlement payment, so you don’t need to worry about finding the finances yourself.

External contractors, venues and suppliers should all have their own event insurance too.
The same goes for individuals such as musicians, performers, exhibitors and stallholders.
This is to make sure that everyone who could be liable for an accident is adequately
insured and protected.

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