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Keep the party protected with party insurance.

Street party, garden party, barbeque party, birthday party, dinner party, surprise party. Protect your shindigs with comprehensive party insurance.

The last thing organisers of a celebration or party want is to worry about the impact of a claim on their back pocket. Slips, trips and falls are almost to be expected at any good party, and it’s important to remain protected. Party expenses can go into their thousands, from the venue to catering, entertainment and all the extras, and legal fees from a claim should not be added to the pile.

Some types of parties require public indemnity insurance by law; it is highly recommending all party organisers arrange public indemnity cover to protect their finances. If someone were to fall and unable to work, they are entitled to compensation. Cover the costs of damages and legal fees with the correct insurance policy.

The risks of running a party also include staff members and hired equipment. Employers’ liability insurance will cover you if a member of staff or volunteer falls ill, and Event equipment cover will protect the expense of accidental damage, loss or theft of equipment for which you are responsible. Many parties have hired equipment which are liable to be damaged, this could land you with a hefty fine if you are not protected.

Insure Our Event are here to help party organisers put the right protection in place. We will assess your requirement and create a bespoke policy tailored to your event. You can gain an indication of the cost by filling out our quote form.

Insure Our Event are experts in party insurance, with 20 years of experience in the sector. We have an in-house claims team who will provide information, checklists and guidance were the worst to happen. We treat every case individually, so by insuring with Insure Our Event, you can be sure you are getting the best of the best.

Now available from £35*

What we cover:

  • Mandatory public liability cover for party organisers
  • Employers’ liability insurance, covering employees or volunteers
  • The cost of fixing or replacing damaged or stolen equipment which has been hired and you are legally responsible for
  • Cover of expenses if your party is cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather conditions
  • If the party is abandoned, cover the costs of hiring entertainment and equipment as well as venue and catering.

What we don't cover:

  • If individuals don’t show up, e.g. guests or the entertainment
  • If the suppliers fail
  • Incidents or failures as a result of COVID-19
  • Any thing already insured under third party policy agreement

Risk management of your celebration or party is necessary to reduce the likelihood of a claim. Insure Our Event will provide information and guidance on safely running your event. For a quick test, see our Spot the risk test.

Public liability insurance is not required by law for a private party, but for parties with members of the public such as street or garden parties, insurance is mandatory. However, we highly recommend arranging insurance which protects you from losing out financially in the event of a claim. Insure Our Event’s public liability insurance is ideal for all types of party.

The only way to cover your back pocket when organising a party is to take out insurance. Legal fees due to claims from staff or the public are expensive, and the costs of replacing stolen hired equipment are exorbitant. To keep your finances protected from any eventuality, Insure Our Event’s flexible insurance policies will cater to your party’s requirements.

Public liability insurance is required by law for a street party. This is because almost all events which interact the public have a mandatory obligation to cover for public liability. Organisers must be covered in case of an accident or damages which would result in compensation. Public liability for a street party can be purchased with Insure Our Event. Contact us for a quote and more information.

No, there is no available cover for non-appearance of individuals. Insure Our Event’s party insurance is able to cover for liability, accident and injury, damages, theft and adverse weather causing a cancellation or postponement of the event.

Party Insurance options to consider…

Event Cancellation Insurance, Public Liability Insurance

You could also include…

Employers’ Liability, Event Equipment Insurance

*£35 premium is based on a party with up to 50 attendees and public liability cover of £2 million and excludes Employers Liability, Property, Money & Cancellation cover. Prices will vary dependent on event size and cover required. Complete our instant quote form for a tailored quote for your event.

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