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Bank Holiday and Easter Event Insurance

Live Hoppily Ever After with Easter Event Insurance

Easter Bank Holiday Insurance is ideal for:

  • Large Easter events
  • Small Easter events
  • Egg hunts
  • Bank Holiday outdoor events
  • Birthday Parties and Balloons
  • Church Fetes
  • Easter Craft Stallholder
  • Community hall events
  • Community centre events
  • And many more…

The last thing organisers of an Easter event or a bank holiday event want is to worry about the possibility a of claim. Slips, trips and falls should be expected at any large party, so it’s important to remain financially protected with Bank Holiday and Easter event insurance

The total cost of Easter party expenses and bank holiday event expenses can go into their thousands. Considering venue hire costs, catering, entertainment; event organisers don’t want legal compensation to be added as an unexpected cost.

Public Liability Insurance for Easter Bank Holiday Event Insurance

Public liability insurance is highly recommended to all party organisers who are planning to run an Easter or Bank Holiday event. However it is required by law for all ticketed events. According to UK law, if a guest at your event was to fall and becomes unable to work, they are entitled to compensation. Public liability insurance covers the cost of damages to third party buildings, legal fees and compensations.

Employers’ liability insurance is required by law if you employ staff or volunteers. It will cover your compensation and legal fees in the event of a staff member falling or getting ill.

Event equipment cover is required if you are hiring or leasing equipment, such as musical instruments, tents, tables and chairs, banners, lighting, costumes. The list of possible event equipment you could hire for Easter or a Bank Holiday is endless – ensure your costs are covered.

Event cancellation insurance will cover your event incase your Easter party is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. For bad weather, you may need additional adverse weather cover.

Small event Insurance – Now available from £25*

7 Easter Themed Events and Activities your Community Hall could run?

We also want to ensure event organisers have everything in place that’s legally required for them to host a successful Easter event. We’ve put together 8 of the best ideas, so here are some Easter themed events and activities to take on this year:

What does Easter and Bank Holiday Event insurance cover?:

  • Public liability cover for your events
  • Employers’ liability insurance, covering your employees and volunteers
  • Cover for the cost of replacing stolen or damaged equipment
  • Cover of hiring expenses if the Easter or Bank Holiday event is cancelled or postponed.
  • Cost of venue hire and cancelling if the event is abandoned due to unforeseen circumstances.

What does Easter and Bank Holiday Event insurance not cover?:

  • If individuals don’t show up, e.g. guests or the entertainment.
  • If the suppliers fail.
  • Incidents or failures as a result of COVID-19.
  • Anything already insured under third party policy agreement.

Still unsure? Get a quote and find out...

Take 5 minutes to fill out our quick and easy online form to get a preliminary quote for your event. You won’t find a better price anywhere else; we’re sure you’ll be convinced. Effective risk management is crucial to improving safety. It also significantly reduces the chances of your event needing to pay vast amounts of money in legal costs and damages. Insure Our Event has created a “Spot The Risk” test, demonstrating the risks involved in running an event.

If your event is only for 1 day, then you will require temporary public liability insurance. One day event insurance with Insure Our Event costs from £25, dependent on the amount of guests at your venue. You will also require employers’ liability insurance if you employ staff or volunteers, and event equipment cover if you are leasing equipment.

Key insurance policies an Easter event organiser requires are public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance, event equipment insurance and event cancellation cover. Insure Our Event are offering party insurance with 1 million pounds worth of liability cover for just £25.

Yes you will need event insurance to cover the costs of running a community centre event. Organisers must be covered in case of an accident or damages which would result in compensation. Public liability insurance for a community event for a can be purchased with Insure Our Event.

If you are playing live or recorded music in a public place, you will need a music license. Also, a temporary event notice (TEN) is required for businesses wanting to run a one-off event. Use Insure Our Event’s insurance policies to increase your public liability cover.

Easter Insurance options to consider…

Event Cancellation Insurance, Public Liability Insurance

You could also include…

Employers’ Liability, Event Equipment Insurance

*£25 premium is based on a party with up to 50 attendees and public liability cover of £1 million and excludes Employers Liability, Property, Money & Cancellation cover. Prices will vary dependent on event size and cover required. Complete our instant quote form for a tailored quote for your event.

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