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7 Easter Themed Events and Activities your Community Hall could run?

March 14, 2024

What events or activites to host at Easter

or any event organiser, Easter present the perfect time to host a large-scale or small-scale event. Whether its and egg hunt, or an introduction with the Easter bunny, Easter is great for teaching children the meaning of generosity and friendship.

At Insure Our Event, we want these event to go ahead without incident, and we want Easter event organisers to feel confident that their equipment hire and venue hire deposits are protected. We also want to ensure event organisers have everything in place that’s legally required for them to host a successful Easter event.

We’ve put together 8 of the best ideas, so here are some Easter themed events and activities to take on this year:

7 Easter themed event ideas:

1) Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts are a fully themed events activities where children and adults of all ages scour a garden or park, seeking hidden eggs. Hire out a venue and place eggs all around the venue – try to remember where you put them in order to be able to easily clean up afterwards.

You don’t have to use chocolate eggs, feel free to use card or paper. But remember to reward your guests, whether it be with chocolate or with a prize for the top egg collectors.

A highly active event, organisers will require public liability insurance to protect against any trips or falls.

2) Easter Parades

A parade celebrates the coming of Easter, often including a partial re-enactment of the story of the Christian holiday. Perfect for community halls and parishes, easter parades offer a platform for guests to express themselves. It could involve a peaceful march through a park, spreading the word of joy and include colourful displays and music. Be sure to notify your local council before running this type of event. Parades should bring people together, similar to a festival or fair; consider hiring the services of fair operators and food stands.

Ensure your vendors each have public and employer’ liability insurance, and that you have comprehensive liability coverage in case of incidents.

3) Egg Decorating Parties

Arts and crafts are always popular event types and activities around Easter time. Egg decorating is a simple Easter tradition, and can be collated to produce a bulk of artwork that can then be displayed in your community hall or home.

Each participant is able to add their own touch of flair. This idea can be developed allowing for different arts and crafts ideas. Creating a paper mache nest of eggs, or an easter bunny mannequin, or a DIY easter wreath.

4) Community Nature Walk

Arrange a communal walk around the neighbourhood or a local trail. Easter is the perfect time to get outside, a great activity for both adults and families.

Organisers can lay out a trail ahead of time – including festive birds guiding the way or placing answers to questions. Guests could be given a trail map at the entrance to the park or hike, with perhaps a small quiz of questions which require the answers from key spots on the hike. They can then return the completed map for a reward.

Get your local families and adults involved in your community hall projects by marketing this communal nature walk on your social platforms.

5) Egg and Spoon Race or Sports Day events

Guests of a bank holiday get together, or easter festival, will expect entertainment and activities. A set of activities which offer interaction from the guests are sports day events. All them to flex their competitive muscles with games such as an egg and spoon race, a fun run, a sack race or throwing events.

Ensure you have effective public liability insurance before running this type of event, as injuries and accidents are commonplace. Insure Our Event provide the best price on comprehensive public liability insurance for events.

6) Bank Holiday Bake Off

Choose a festive item to bake, such as Chocolate Cake, Rhubarb muffins, Hot Cross Loaf, or the classic easter Simnel cake. Then either ask your guests to make the cake at the venue, or have the cake pre-made and ready it for judging. A bake off is an excellent way to engage your community and bring people together over Easter.

This event can also double as a bake sale, where you would raise money for your community hall or for charity. You will need effective insurance, as well as event equipment insurance if you are planning to hire cake making and decorating equipment.

7) Bank Holiday Barbeque

No doubt the most popular activity for the British on a bank holiday, a barbeque embraces both the sunny outdoors and good food! Burgers, ribs, sausages, skewers, chicken, tofu and a salad buffet are excellent options. Also include plenty of dessert and sweets for families and Easter celebrants. Consider hiring a musician or performer to entertain guests and keep spirits up at your barbeque.

Bank Holiday barbeque events are notorious for bad weather and getting wet. Organisers should make sure they are protected incase of bad weather. Insure Our Event provides an adverse weather add on, ideal for event organisers looking to put on an outdoor barbeque.

Why is insurance needed for Easter events and Bank Holiday events?

Event organisers will require insurance to protect their finances when hosting an Easter event or Bank Holiday event. Public liability cover ranges from £1 million worth of cover to £10 million, necessary incase of accidents, slips, trips and falls and third-party damage. Employers liability insurance is required by law if your event has employees or volunteers.

If you plan on hosting an Easter event outdoors; most egg hunts take place outdoors; then you may consider adverse weather insurance which will cover the costs of your event if it cant go ahead due to unforeseen poor weather.

For further information, see our examples of how event insurance saved events.

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