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Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

April 15, 2024

Below are some of the most practical and achievable ideas for a unique wedding venue:

Brides and grooms are constantly looking for that unique aspect that will make their wedding extra special and memorable. Traditional church weddings are becoming less popular as new venue opportunities are open to hosting weddings.  Engaged couples are considering places which are special to them and their relationship, utilising their premises to confess their everlasting love and swap rings.

Unique weddings often have higher hire costs and cancellation risks because of their non-traditional nature. Indeed, weather-related insurance claims have reached a record high, and many unique weddings have an outdoor feature. Ensure your hire costs, catering and deposits are insured with Insure Our Event. Our flexible quote forms are perfectly suited to all kinds of weddings, just type in your details and see how cost-effective insurance from Insure Our Event truly is.

A Barn Wedding

A very popular option yet still unique in its own right. Barn weddings offer a rustic yet modern feel to a couples special day. Able to be kitted out and decorated however you wish, barn are fantastic open venues for a wedding.

Don’t let your barnyard bliss turn into a barn burner – insure your barn wedding day!

A Windmill Wedding

A windmill wedding will ensure your guests are swept of their feet. A fantastic building which has taken lots of work to become a suitable wedding venue, this is sure to be a showstopper. Weddings can take place right inside the mill or outside in front of the windmill’s spinning sails.

Protect your wedding day from gusty surprises – insure your windmill wedding!

A Zoo Wedding and Safari Park Wedding

Cement your wild romance with a visit to the Zoo. Whether it’s a safari, aquarium or an aviary; have the sweet sound of tropical animals be the backdrop to your marriage ceremony.

Don’t monkey around with your wedding plans – insure your zoo wedding!

A Railway Wedding or Wedding on a Train

Trains are hugely popular with some communities, but for some couples will evoke nostalgic memories. Couple up permanently with a train-themed background; be it in a railway station, or physically on a train. Some railway stations are beautifully decorated with murals and panelling, with few around the country offering wedding services. Alternatively, rent a train carriage and host a private ceremony on the tracks.

Keep your wedding on track – Train wedding insurance

A Museum Wedding

Have a wedding event for the history books. Museum make fantastic spaces for all event types, including weddings, and are very memorable. Depending on which museum, you could theme your wedding reception accordingly. There is plenty of room to get creative with this venue type, indeed museum weddings are gaining popularity.

Ensure your museum wedding memories last a lifetime – Museam wedding insurance

A Farm Wedding

Similar to a barn wedding, a farm wedding offers a large open outdoor space to host many guests. Sow the seeds of love by utilising the premises of farm, whatever type of farm that may be. Adopt the fam into the theme of the wedding – have egg decorating competitions, sports games, bull riding or haybale picture opportunities. For food and drink, have carved meat catering options, and cider and vodka options fresh from the farm. Get creative and have fun with a farmyard wedding.

Reap the benefits with effective farm wedding insurance

A Castle Wedding

All brides should feel like princess, and grooms feel like kings on their wedding day, so why not have a royal wedding day in a castle. Roll out the red carpet and lift up the portcullis; castle are a perfect space for a wedding, with many around the UK already offering to host. Once you get past the long booking queues, and get a date in the diary, you can start thinking of how you want your guests to appropriately dress. Pictures take themselves with such picturesque scenery, such as Bamburgh or Warwick or Inverness. Castle also offer that religious aspect many couple are looking for outside of the traditional church setting.

Shield your castle wedding from any unforeseen storms – Castle wedding insurance

A Stadium Wedding

Celebrate the match of your life in a scintillating stadium setting. Shout your love from the rafters by commemorating at a stadium which holds many memories. Whether you or your partner are a football fan, rugby fan, horse racing fan or love a music concert, stadiums are epic arenas for weddings. They all each have their own corporate boxes and offer packages perfect for a wedding event. Utilise a stadium’s function room, as well as their thousand seater amphitheatre, to set the stage for your love.

Score big with a stadium venue and protect your event – Stadium wedding insurance

A Beach Wedding

Stereotypically beautiful and very social media friendly, beach weddings are many couples’ dream wedding. That is, until it rains, or blows a gale. Beach weddings often accompany good summer weather, a barbeque and plenty of sandy games. Let the rhythm of the waves help you take the plunge – Choose a beach which means something to you, and benefit from the endless space and seating it affords your guests.

Dive into your beach wedding with confidence – insure your beach wedding!

A Brewery Wedding and Distillery wedding

Hoppy ever after awaits at a brewery wedding, as well as a distillery wedding insurance for smooth-sipping security! Breweries offer huge indoor spaces alongside a hint of privacy and intimacy. Also there’s a good chance of some cheap alcohol on tap.

Cheers to a stress-free brewery wedding – Insure your wedding

A Cinema Wedding

Wait a minute! Think about it… It’s perfect! – All the seats are there; cinema’s regularly cater to conferences so they will have the infrastructure in place; many couples have most of their initial dates at cinemas; there is a large enough stage area and a 1000inch screen for prerecorded messages; the sound system is first class; and popcorn can be used as confetti… need I go on?

The ceremony can be backdropped by any movie of your choice, the dark cinema room can transport your guests to anywhere in the world, or any time. And certain traditional  cinemas can be private, intimate and awe inspiring. Ensure you have a memorable wedding that guest will love with a cinema venue.

Ensure your wedding is blockbuster, but stay on script with cinema wedding insurance

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