Are you ready for your Bonfire night events?

October 1, 2019

Bonfire Night events can be great fun – but they also come with significant risks.

Now summer has drawn to a close, rather than looking back fondly at the warm sunny days, don’t forget that party season is almost upon us. With Halloween, Bonfire Night and even Christmas around the corner, you’re bound to have lots in store.

We know that as event planners, you’re going to create memorable events for people up and down the country. And there’s nothing better than a fabulous fireworks display.

Every year, Bonfire Night events get more extravagant. We know customers are choosing experiences over gifts, and you can really capitalise on this by making the event extra special.

But, as always, there’s a slight word of warning to this tale. With more breath-taking shows come higher chances of something going wrong.

Fire doesn’t care who it latches on to

It may seem like we’re being killjoys, but nothing finishes the fun quicker than a serious accident or injury. Risk management is vital at all times of year, but none more so when so many people are gathering in such small places around dangerous materials as they are at Bonfire Night events.

Year after year, the warnings about the potential for injury on bonfire night get louder and louder. Statistics in 2016 from St John’s Ambulance showed 4,506 people treated for fireworks-related injuries on Bonfire night.

We’re sure your event will be fantastic, but don’t forget to complete adequate risk management checklists to keep your guests safe this Bonfire Night.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing risk checks yourself, get in touch with our team for expert risk management advice.

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