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5 brilliant ways to attract visitors to an exhibition stall

January 25, 2019

If you’re hosting an exhibition or trade show, you’ll field a lot of questions from exhibitors asking if they can move stalls to get a better pitch.

Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone. Some people will have to compromise.

To soften the blow, you can offer them suggestions on how to catch visitor’s eyes and entice people to their stalls.

Here are our top 5 tips for attracting visitors to an exhibition stall. As always, if you have any suggestions of your own, we’d love to hear them! Get involved in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

1.      Walk around

If you’ve got a team of people on your stall, one person should always be moving around the venue, handing out leaflets and drumming up interest. You can’t expect everyone to walk to your stall. You’ve got to go out and get them. You wouldn’t set up a website and not try to drive people to it. the same principle applies here.

2.      Mobile charging points

There are few things more frustrating for business visitors at exhibitions than a dead battery on their phone. Even though they’re out of the office, they still need to read emails and take important calls. Setting up a ‘charging station’ at your stall, with different chargers for different phones, will not only draw people to your stall, but also make them stick around for 15-20 mins. That’s your time to shine and sell your product.

3.      Interesting giveaways

Handing out branded coffee cups and keyrings just won’t cut it anymore. You have to go above and beyond. Consider what visitors actually want – food, drink, power packs etc.

There are websites out there, such as SterlingLeisure*, who hire out Mr Whippy machines, Candy Floss stalls, Backpack drinks dispensers and Hotdog carts. Think outside the box.

Make sure that you’re not just giving away; you should be getting something in return. A business card per ice cream, for instance, is a good way of getting value for money.

4.      Games

Giveaways are one thing, but if you want visitors to stick around at your stall, you’ll need something engaging. Games are a brilliant way of creating a fun atmosphere at your stall and creating an environment where you can talk to people.

Arcade and fairground games are always popular, as are casino tables depending on the exhibition.

Again, the game should create a connection with your product. For instance, if we were running a stall as an insurance company, we would set up a game based on risk and reward.

5.      Eye catching imagery

When a visitor walks round a trade show or exhibition, their senses are flooded by stall after stall trying to grab their attention. Yours needs to stand out if you want visitors to come over.

Every single has a well-designed sign or banner highlighting their product, so to really stand out, you should consider something different.

Consider the use of technology, such as AR or projection mapping. Moving images are far more eye catching than a stationary sign.

So there you have it…

We’re sure you can think of lots more, but those are our top five.

They’re tips we’ve learnt using our experience of different exhibitions and trade shows that we’ve insured and helped with risk management.

If you need our expertise to protect your show, contact us today using the ‘contact’ button at the top of this page’.

*Insure Our Event do not endorse this company. They are used in this blog for example purposed only.

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