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What events did Brits miss most over lockdown?

March 12, 2021

I’m mostly looking forward to finally pressing play on my social schedule.

As the prime minister sets out a roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions, Insure Our Event looks at the events we missed most throughout lockdown as well as those we can’t wait to have back up and running. The effects of COVID-19 were as if someone pressed pause on all our social lives, with the nation following government lockdown protocol. But we will soon hopefully see many festivals, concerts and events returning to normal practice this summer.

The Allegra Strategies study, one of the largest national surveys, asked 4,000 UK residents a range of questions on the personal impact of the crisis. When asked which social outings they missed most, 31% commented on travelling and day-trips away, and 9.7% mentioned various events. Leading the list was getting together with family and friends at 60.9%. This shows there is a clear craving for social activity and we expect many events to be organised when we are permitted to get together this summer.

But what events did Brits miss most, and what events are we most looking forward to post-lockdown?

What events are we most looking forward to post-lockdown?

Birthday Parties

Almost all of us had our latest birthday celebration interrupted due to the pandemic. Many had to host their birthday party over Zoom; quizzes taking the place of pass-the-parcel, and no one was particularly thrilled with the prospect of not being able to receive presents in-person.

There may be many belated birthday celebrations on the horizon. Or perhaps a family member’s birthday will be used to get the family back together when restrictions allow. Birthday parties can range from an inhouse tipple to a big outdoor marquee booze-up. Whatever your style, go wild.


With summer comes the sun (hopefully). BBQ weather is here already and Brits will be keen to get friends and family together for a meaty feast. The pastime of an exotic British BBQ was seeing a rapid rise before the 2020 lockdown; barbies will be eager to restart their hobby. With more vegetarian products available than ever before, many are turning to quorn, aubergine and even grilled pineapple.

Expect smoke in the air once lockdown is lifted. While small BBQ’s are easy enough, large cookouts can demand much prep and a well-done insurance policy. Don’t get caught short this BBQ season.

Comedy Shows

We all need a good laugh after lockdown. Comedy went through a severe decline over the pandemic, with venues closed and comedians postponing tours, many stand-ups were effectively out of work. Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020 was cancelled, instead many artists tried plying their trade online. Many comics will be eager to try-out their new material, devised in quarantine, once venues open.

Brits will be able to host outdoor events as early as April, so expect a flurry of fliers and invitations to post-lockdown gigs.

Rock Concerts

The best way to let your hair down, rock concerts have been sorely missed. Whether it’s local legends or nationally-known names, artists have missed their audiences this year. How better to celebrate leaving lockdown than hosting a good jam session.

Make sure you go out and support local artists once venues are open. Expect to see plenty of advertisements for a wide range of music this summer.


There have been a flurry of matrimonial engagements over lockdown as many couples find their schedules entangled when working from home. Finding love in the darkest times is always beautiful, and people will be in a rush to celebrate this year. From postponed large weddings to smaller gatherings, many families will be looking forward to a chance at the open bar.

For more information on weddings post-lockdown, read our guidance. Don’t hold back this summer when celebrating your partnerships and meeting your new family members.

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