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Rapid rise in parties due to Lockdown lifting

June 4, 2021

Parties and Weddings are seeing a boom, but are they safe and protected?

The government’s roadmap is currently in its third stage, and rules of 6 people meeting have been lifted. Up to 30 people are able to attend weddings, receptions and wakes, as well as funerals. And most businesses in all but the highest risk sectors will be able to reopen.

However, travelling abroad is still seen as too difficult for many. Portugal has been axed from the green list, with all viable sunny destinations, except the Greek islands, now off limits. Therefore, many holiday-goers will be looking closer afield, with garden parties and venue bookings seeing a rapid increase.

Already, police have seen increased reports of illegal lockdown parties. Pop-up events are being organised on the fly and house parties are being broken up. The sector is expecting a boom of party-goers this summer, yet firmly reminds the people to stick to the government’s restrictions. June 21st is the date where nearly all restrictions will be lifted.

Garden parties and marquees events are currently good to go with many taking recent opportunity to barbeque, party and tan in the sun. Weddings are also backed-up with many couples having planned to get hitched this year due to postponements. Party planners need to be aware of the risks of hosting an event and consequences in regard to a claim.

Insure Our Event are insurance specialists, here for party planners and wedding organisers who are looking to celebrate freedom over the summer months. We provide exceptional event insurance for:

We also provide a one-off event insurance policy for those who want everything neatly squared away and their ideal party securely protected.

Insure Our Event promise to protect customers from every eventuality:

What we cover:

  • Public liability protection in the event of injury caused by negligence or accident.
  • Employers’ liability will cover damages and claims relating to employees or volunteers.
  • Hired or purchased equipment covered in the case of accidental loss, damage or theft that are not already covered by the venue.
  • Cancellation and postponement insurance for exhibitions.
  • Adverse weather and abandonment cover.

What we don’t cover:

  • If individuals don’t show up.
  • Financial loss in direct relation with COVID-19.
  • Anything covered by third party insurance.

We’ve got you.

Insure Our Event will help you arrange one-off event insurance. We will ensure you are not caught out of pocket by unforeseeable circumstances. But we won’t just stop there. Our team are experts in the industry and can provide a wide range of event advice – including helping you with your outdoor event risk management and staff procedures.

The most important point for us is that your event goes smoothly, and if that doesn’t happen, you and your equipment are covered for any eventuality.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help!

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