The Perfect BBQ

April 13, 2021

The government’s roadmap out of lockdown has allowed for BBQs to go ahead this spring. Many will be preparing themselves for a summer of fun and festivities after a year of difficulties. Gardens up and down the country have recently been subjected to smokey grills and hot coals as everyone enjoys the surprise heat wave. Many will be planning large BBQ get-togethers when the restrictions are lifted in late spring.

Insure Our Event have collated the best cook-out tips to help budding grillers have the perfect BBQ bash.

Get the Best Tools

A floor resting grill and wooden spoon might look very British, but it won’t set the world alight (the grass is another matter). Get yourself a proper charcoal grill or a portable gas cooker. They come in a variety of styles and offer the best end product. Food is what matters at a BBQ and the first step to a culinary achievement is the right equipment. A heavy-duty oven glove and a fish grill with a decent pair of tongs looks professional and is much safer. Don’t let your equipment let the party down.

Quality Food

Burger and Sausages are a mainstay. Purchasing high quality meat will ensure a high-quality bap. Buying good sizeable buns and enough sauce for everyone is also crucial.

Many families have moved toward vegetarianism and veganism. Check the requirements of your guests, including allergies, which will need to be catered for before buying food. Don’t allow the menu to trip up your big BBQ bash.

Temperature check

The temperature is important to the quality of the food and ultimately the evening. A burnt burger might be a mainstay at other parties, but not at yours. A constant temperature demands control, fuel and attention.

A common temperature test is if you can hold your hand over the flames for just over two seconds, its hot enough. Any less and your BBQ is too hot and your food will not be properly cooked. Beyond ten seconds and you’ve either got the BBQ too cold, or you need to go to hospital for a burnt hand.


Music. Now readily available but you might want to purchase an outdoor speaker. Games. Card games or spoken-word games are always good to have planned. Television. Many BBQs are planned around sporting events. Make sure everything you need is rigged up safely and working before you begin to cook.

Decoration and Furniture

Bunting, balloons and a good clean-up are welcome at any party. BBQs can be done in any weather, but are always better in the sun. Perhaps you want to use a gazebo or parasols to provide shade or indeed shelter in case of poor weather. Outdoor seating is important, sprucing up your back garden is ideal and helps guests feel welcome.

Event Insurance

In these unpredictable times, getting event insurance for your BBQ could save you financially. There is a higher risk of cancellation from guests and hosts due to the pandemic as well as a change in rules from the government. One off event insurance could save the money you’ve spent on your party, amenities such as food, music rental and entertainment. Even when hosting an event for one day, you need to make sure you are adequately covered.

Event insurance also covers accident and injury. Burns or accidents such as outdoor slips and trips may be claimed against and Insure Our Event will provide you with protection.

Any type of event that involves the public will need event insurance. At Insure Our Event it is our job to make sure you get the right insurance cover. We tailor our policies to your event so you know you’re comprehensively covered.

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