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Festival Trends This Year

June 28, 2024

Are you wondering what festival trends are sweeping the world? It is no secret that the hottest trend this year is heading to one of the 778 festivals operating across the nation.  In order to prepare, read on for the festival trends that have cropped up in the industry recently and keep your eyes peeled to stay up to date in the coming years! We have compiled a list of tips and advice to help festival organisers to optimise revenue and stand out from the crowd to attract consumers.

What are the top 5 festival trends this year?

The top festival trends this year:

1. Customisation -(the hottest of the festival trends this year)

Festival goers expect more choice. Choice of food. They expect more choice of travel. Choice of entertainment. The more available the better the festival. People want the festival to mirror their own passions and pursuits. They can interact with others who also share the same interests, building communities further. Festivals that have widened their horizons with a broader selection of artists, food and accommodation are the ones that keep cropping up over and over again as they are keeping up with festival trends. Allowing customers to experience a tailored festival has boosted their popularity and the industry’s expansion.

2. Family experiences

In recent years there has been a focus on creating environments where children can also be present at festivals. Often with smaller capacity these festivals have a focus on family friendly activities. Festivals such as Green man have a variety of areas within the site that vary from science to music related entertainment. Various events are unusually aimed at children so all age groups are engaged. What is not to love? The visit can strengthen the family bond and allow all to pursue various interests may that be listening to the performances or even taking a more creative, childish approach. It allows everyone and anyone to express themselves freely in a safe space. What is not to love?

3. Luxury approaches

So many people desire the ‘festival experience’ without the caked mud and putrid portaloos, so have decided to head to festivals that offer a more refined service. With the recent trend at Coachella, people want to trade the grime and dirt for the ability to indulge in a bit of pampering (who doesn’t enjoy that?). A festival with these services is Elderflower Fields which boasts a woodland spa and hot showers – a far cry from the facilities at most festivals. Take a look at the festival by clicking the link below. This new concern for luxury and for customer experience has taken over. Even more VIP passes and glamping accommodation have been popping up in larger festivals such as Glastonbury. People are willing to pay a whopping £1,150 for glamping packages illustrating the absolute demand for enhanced experiences.

Glamping has become a festival trend to stay

4. Protecting our planet

It’s no secret that the consideration of sustainability is a hot topic in debates and in our everyday lives. This trend has been implemented across many festivals as there is a widespread push for a ‘greener’ approach. Festivals are attempting to phase out single-use plastic by switching to cans as the push for the planet is prominent. An Eco camp implemented at Leeds & Reading Fest offers benefits in return for the site to be left spotless. This type of accommodation offering is becoming increasingly popular across other festivals too. It seems the current festival trend is to be aware of our footprint; something that can be easily forgotten at festivals!

5. An immense online presence

Festivals have become bigger and better. Festival organisers need to have a wide online presence as around 20% of traffic to events is through social media. Posting reels and content about the site attracts customers. They can find information and compare with others. Having an social media account can reach a variety of people too. This increases popularity and how well known the festival is. A wide presence shows the festival is modern and cares for consumers.

By keeping up to date with trends, festivals can also set them. Following the trends in the festival industry ensures the festival stays relevant in our ever changing world. This is key to survival in the festival industry. If you are looking to ensure a festival, Insure Our Event offers festival insurance, as well as a free online quote service. Take a look by clicking the link and also take a peek at festival popularity this year!

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