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Has festival popularity risen this year?

June 25, 2024

During recent years, there had been whispers that festivals were failing dramatically and festival popularity in decline since the unfavourable conditions during COVID where people were unable to congregate and festivals thought to be doomed. Contrary to popular belief, this only stimulated festivals and caused an even larger influx of new festivals and attendees. In fact, it seems festival popularity is at an all time high. Keep reading to discover the impact of these festivals and their recent popularity that just seems to keep rocketing.

Festival popularity this year

Despite the set backs faced by COVID,the festival industry has made a return to the UK market with profit surpassing the pre COVID levels. This year alone the festival industry is predicted to generate around £4.8 billion. This is an undeniably impressive amount when taking into account the tumultuous period they had to navigate and operate in. This year there has been an influx of festivals internationally proving the festival market is thriving and festival popularity soaring. A fan favourite – Coachella – once again had people on the edge of their seats to see the new fashion forward trends to utilise in their own trips to festivals such as Reading and Leeds or Glastonbury.

Are festivals trending this year?

In the UK there are over 600 festivals operating this year including some newer increasingly niche ones that have taken social media by storm. Larger festivals such as Coachella saw many instagramers take to their pages to upload daring outfits and emulate that festival goer fever,swaying many to book their own trip. The trends within the festival have boosted popularity and in turn promoted the industry. Over much media, newer festivals seem to be cropping up and sparking even further interest such as Lovebox which is located in London. It seems to me that the trend for this summer is to pay a visit to one of the various festivals and look good doing so!

Sites and choice has only expanded further

Importance of festival popularity on the UK economy

Festivals have a profound impact on the UK economy as they contribute £1.75 billion to the music industry with artists having the ability to build fanbases and make commercial sales. Alongisde this, festivals often utilise smaller, independent companies for food vendors, transportation services, hotels and even things such as providing the dreaded portaloos! Often it can foster growth for smaller companies by exposing them to a wider range of customers whilst enhancing attendees overall experience of the festival. Businesses often charge more within the festival allowing profit to increase even further too. By stimulating economic activity in regions that are hosting, the industry can grow further and take a leading role in the economy.

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Which are the biggest festivals in 2024?

Festivals have undoubtedly swept the nation this year,with many selling out way before the summer was approaching. Festival owners feel invigorated and are selecting larger mainstream artists which catches the attention of many. Amongst many,the names I hear most often include the likes of Boardmasters, Glanstonbury (obviously!) and this year, Wireless. BST Hyde Park also made a splash this year when hosting SZA – an instant hit of course and within little time tickets were limited. This year it may exceed the 550,000 tickets sold last year. Reading and Leeds seems to have immense popularity yet again with the younger crowds flocking to the fields for yet another year of energy and exhilaration.

Festival popularity is soaring yet again as people return to the industry.

Are there any newer festivals to keep a keen eye out for?

So many! There are many festivals that are offering a specific music genre or are just smaller and more personal if that is what you are looking for. A festival that caught my eye was the Bluedot festival.It boasts a whole lineup of undiscovered, unique artists. It has a theme of science running through it with workshops and speakers such as Brian Cox previously gracing the stage. Take a look at this using the link below. This shows the ability festivals  have to personalise the experience for attendees. This customisation has caused festival popularity to soar as so many people can engage with what they enjoy. I also have seen the Primavera Sound taking off in Barcelona. An incredible experience in such a vibrant, alive city with headliners this year such as SZA and Peggy Gou. It provides the ideal mix of partying and relaxation with such a broad spectrum of artists.

Festivals certainly aren’t failing this year-in fact they are only becoming more prominent and diversified with festival popularity booming. Take a look and opt for a festival that suits your wants as this will be the hottest trend this summer and for the next few years to come. Festivals certainly never go out of trend.

Hello, I am Sofia Romero-Trigo and festivals are a big part of my entertainment. This summer I am heading to Reading and Leeds as music has always been a big part of my life and to experience this live is an absolute dream come true. Read the above article to discover the popularity of festivals, why they are such a trend this year and why you should also book a ticket! Also consider reading more information from Insure Our Event below.

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