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Why Event Insurance and why Insure Our Event?

October 11, 2018

Quite often on Insure Our Event, we’re asked what the point of buying event insurance is.
We completely get it; when you think of insurance, you think of policies for your home, your car, your life. But they’re big, long-term commitments. Why do you need insurance for a one-off event that’s only going to last one day?
Surely your paying customers and employees aren’t likely to have an accident at your event if they’re only there for one day?
Ok, but what would you say if we told you that the HSE recorded nearly 700,000 non-fatal injuries at work in 2016/17. And of those injuries, more than half resulted in the employee having to take more than 7 days off work?
And to break that down into accident and injury type, 29% of the injuries were as a result of slips and trips. 10% were struck by an object. 7% from a fall. And another 7% from acts of violence.
All of those are one-off accidents that can happen at any time, and only take a moment.
Accidents and injuries don’t care how long your event is. They don’t care about the type of event. They don’t even mind who your audience is. They happen, and if you’re not protected, you could be hit with huge financial costs.
A few paragraphs ago, we wrote that insuring your house, car or life are seen as absolute necessities, and rightly so. But the reasons you insure them are absolutely still applicable to events. If something were to happen to your house, your car or, touch wood, your life, you need a safety net.
And event insurance isn’t just about accidents or injuries either.
Unless you can hand on heart say that there is absolutely no chance that your event won’t be called off by the weather, industrial action, police intervention or a whole host of other reasons, then you need cancellation cover. You need event insurance.
Now to the other part of the question at the top of this article: why Insure Our Event?
The answer is pretty simple really. Because we make your life easier.
We liken it to when you’re taking your food shopping from the supermarket to your car.
Using Insure Our Event is leaving your food in the trolley and using very little effort to push it towards your car.
Whereas using some other insurers is more akin to leaving your trolley at the door and trying to carry the bags yourself.
Both methods will get the same result. You’ll still get your shopping to your car, just like you’ll still get event insurance no matter which insurer you choose.
But why make more work for yourself.
At Insure Our Event, our system was designed to save you time and effort. We know how busy your life as an event planner can be, so with Insure our Event, you can sort your event insurance with just a few clicks of your mouse. No phone calls; you don’t even need to leave the house or office.
And if you did want to talk to someone, we can do that too. We’re available by email, phone or social media.
We work with top insurers to get you the best cover. We do all the legwork. All you have to think about, is putting on the greatest event. Ever.

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