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Top 5 unusual Valentine’s Day event ideas

January 19, 2024

The Best Valentine’s Day Ideas that are a bit different

Valentine’s Day is upon us yet again and it’s a great way for event organisers to run stand-out events that will make a profit and impress their guests.

Brits spend an average of £30 on Valentine’s gifts, with many choosing to eat out or go on a romantic trip. With many people now feeling Valentine’s Day is becoming too commercial – how can event organisers buck the trend and create a spectacular occasion everyone will love?

Turn up the heat

Team up with a local cookery school to offer a romantic cookery class for couples to enjoy together. You could even run a series of events throughout Valentine’s Day week to appeal to a range of culinary tastes

Movie screening

Find an unusual venue (a country estate, disused warehouse or outdoor space) to host a cinema screening. The film doesn’t have to be particularly romantic – instead, you could screen a fun romantic-comedy or musical to appeal to couples, groups and single people. Encourage dress up and consider themed games, food and drinks to make the experience even more immersive.

Don’t forget to get a licence for your screening, though – visit Filmbankmedia for more information.

Get crafty with it

A craft workshop is perfect for couples trying to ditch the commercialism of Valentine’s Day. Host a couple-y craft session, such as soap-making or a painting workshop. This acts as a present-within-a-present for couples, who can gift each other their homemade wares.

These events can be low-cost to organise but reap huge return on investment. You could entice guests further by offering a Bring Your Own Booze option, so they can enjoy a romantic glass of fizz while getting creative.

A night without the kids

We’re often so busy organising romantic events for adults, we forget about couples with kids. If a childminder isn’t an option, a romantic evening is often off the cards. Event organisers could organise a kids club or early-evening disco to allow the grown-ups to enjoy a romantic meal together without worrying about babysitting duties. Run either a drop-in party or specific timed sessions to give parents that flexibility.

Don’t forget single people

There are over 15 million single people in the UK. That’s a huge market for an anti-Valentine’s event. Not all single people want to go to a speed dating night, or be encouraged to spend time with gal pals on the most romantic day of the year.

A Valentine’s Day mixer such as a wine tasting evening is a great way to bring a huge range of people together. Ensure the atmosphere is casual, fun and welcoming and you’ll have people on the dance floor in no time.

You should also consider making couple-focussed events more accessible to people who may like to attend on their own or with friends. Offer single ticket discounts and seat single people together, so they won’t feel awkward sitting on a table full of couples

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