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Essential Tips for Christmas Stall Holders

November 22, 2023

6 essential tips for stallholders at Christmas

It’s the time of Christmas markets, fairs and gift shopping. The perfect time to share your products with the world.

At Insure Our Event, we’ve provided a few essential tips that stall holders should keep in mind when preparing their Christmas stall.

Christmas Stallholder Insurance

1)     Decide which Christmas fairs to attend

If you’re not sure whether a fair is the right platform for your products, ask to see a list of other Christmas stallholders.

Investigate the market, how does it perform socially online, how well-advertised is the event. This will give experienced stallholders an indication of whether it’s worth your time to attend. Remember, your stallholder fee will go toward whichever event you choose, so choose wisely.

Good promotion will increase fair footfall, and therefore eyes on your stall. Get in contact with the organiser to see how you can help them promote the event. You should aim to make sales ten times the entrance fee, so consider your costs carefully. Don’t bank on overselling to make profit – see what the past prices of other similar stalls were and be competitive.

2)     Make sure your Christmas stall stands out

It should be obvious at first glance what you are selling. Have you mission statement or slogan on display, and have your business name and social tag easy to see.

Free samples are a great option for attracting attention at a Christmas fair. People are more likely to buy if they are confident in the product. However be careful not to be too liberal with samples, and keep an eye on your freebies.

Colour up your stall. The more colourful the more attractive, getting people to view your stall is the first step to selling.

Know your space. Find out how large your allocated space is and plan accordingly.

How well lit is the event; will you need lighting or heating equipment. Great lighting will be essential to the attractiveness of your stall.

Perhaps do a special offer on your stock for that event. This will be particularly useful if you run a separate permanent business and are hosting a temporary Christmas stall – allowing you to attract customers to your alternative business. Give out coupons at the event or run a competition to interest new consumers.

3)     Take double the stock you’d expect to sell

Expect the Christmas fair to be busy. It’s better to be overprepared than to sell out early. Make the most of the time you have at the Christmas fair, and remember, there is always that customer around the corner who could make a big purchase at your stall.

 It doesn’t matter if you have to take some stock back home with you. It can’t harm to bring as much as you can on the day.

4)     Put your customer first to keep them coming back

Think about your customers needs and make the purchase process easy. Good tips include making prices on items visible, large price displays for item collections, be available for any customers who wish to discuss products with you, don’t spend too much time on one customer.

Perhaps you could be doing a demo at your Christmas stall, showing how your products are made if possible, or doing something interactive with potential customers.

Prize draws and business cards can attract customers for further purchases. Put products in a branded bag and slip a business card or leaflet in there.

5)     Christmas Stallholder insurance

Your organiser will ask you to ensure you have public liability insurance. If you have volunteers or employees, you will also need employers’ liability insurance. Christmas stallholders insurance can also protect your assets from damages and theft.

Organisers will not let you exhibit at a Christmas stall without insurance. Insurance protects you from losing money when a claim is made against you, or for when the unknown happens.

If you sell food or drink, public liability insurance is essential. Contents and stock cover is crucial for craft makers, it will cover your equipment and materials, meaning if something is broken, lost or stolen, you won’t lose out.

Fill out our free quote form for a no-obligation quote on your Christmas stall.

6)     Risk Assessments and Safety Preparations

A thorough risk assessment is essential. Any heavy items or shelving need to be secured. Hot food and drink should be checked, as should trip hazards. Cloths, sheets, wires all need to be stored safely or clearly marked.

Be wary of spillages, and have a proper procedure in place in case of bad weather or floods and you need to pack up quickly. Have firefighting equipment in case of tackling fires or vandalism, and have a first aid kit on hand.

At Insure Our Event, we have risk assessments templates you can use, as well as additional information to help you get properly prepared.

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