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Controversial time saving tips for event planners

October 17, 2019

Planning for any event can be a time consuming task. It’s a plate-spinning occupation, relying on you being able to juggle numerous things all at one. Wouldn’t a spare ten minutes be fantastic? With these top tips, we promise you’ll be saving enough time to have that hard-earned cuppa.

How to plan your time as well as you plan your event

Don’t fill your schedule

This might seem a bit inefficient, but stick with it. Free up some time (we’d recommend keeping at least 20% of your schedule clear) to ensure that you’re never truly rushed off your feet. So what if something goes awry? Your caterers show up early. Your very best volunteer calls in sick. Make room in your timetable so that if plans change, you’ve got the time to think of a solution. Trust us, it’ll save you time in the long run.

Stop checking your emails

Here are some fun facts for you. People check their emails, on average, every 6 minutes. And 40% of our day is spent multitasking with communication tools. This can’t be great for a task where you need absolute focus. Deal with one issue at a time, and make a list of things you need to do and the order you’ll do them in. You shouldn’t prioritise your day based on who’s at the top of your inbox.

Put yourself first

But shouldn’t your event be the be all and end all? Studies show that wellbeing is linked to productivity and performance. This means that taking some time out could actually benefit your event. Whether you get a boost from taking part in an exercise class or just need to take time out to enjoy your lunch – figure out what you need to boost your own mental and physical health, and you’ll be end up working better than ever.

Say no

Research shows last minute changes and requests is one of the main stresses for event planners. We’re not advising to change your email signature to ‘No’ any time soon, but simply stay firm and fair. Be transparent about why you’re saying no (or at least no for now) and give an estimated time for the task to be complete. Remember – people would much rather have an honest answer than a missed deadline or an ignored email.

Take on boring tasks

Tackle your least favourite tasks in the morning. Your mind will be fresh, and you can free up the rest of the day to take on the more exciting stuff.

And that last of our time saving tips?

Don’t worry about your insurance

Let us do that for you. With our online event quoting system, we’ll be able to provide insurance advice in an instant. We know you’re short on time, so we’re doing our bit to help you.

Take a look at our blog for more hints and tips on how to make your event a resounding success.

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