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What makes the best event insurance policy?

September 12, 2018

We’re often asked what separates us from the rest. What is it that makes the event insurance we provide, better than the policies available from our competitors?
Surely public liability cover is public liability cover whether you buy it from one broker or the next.
Because some people struggle to tell the difference, they rely on price to indicate which broker provides the best event insurance. And the lowest price usually wins.
But the price is the last thing we’ll talk about. We don’t want you to choose us because of our low prices. As an event planner, if you’re always chasing the lowest price, you’ll come unstuck.
Instead, we’d prefer you to choose us because we offer the best cover with the best service.
What do we mean by great service?
When we talk about our great service, we’re talking about the reasons why purchasing through us will save you time, effort and make you feel more secure. Here are 5 reasons we think you’ll benefit from placing your business with us.
1. Speed
From the moment you press ‘enter’ on www.insure-our-event.co.uk, to the confirmation click at the end of our quote form, there’s about a 5-15 minutes gap. That’s it. And as long as your answers don’t need a closer inspection from a human eye, you’ll receive your quote a few seconds later.
We understand how hectic an event planner’s schedule can be. That’s why we’ve made buying event insurance as easy as possible. Within 20 minutes, you can have it done, sorted.
2. Expertise
We don’t offer insurance policies for your car, your boiler or your holiday to Marbella. We’re an event insurance specialist. So when we offer insurance policies, they’re tailored with your circumstances and our experience in mind. We’ve insured people in your position many times before. We understand the risks you face. We know how to cover you.
3. We’re here
We’re a digital-first business, which might make us seem faceless.
The reality is, we’re anything but. We’re probably more available than some traditional bricks and mortar brokers. We might not do many face-to-face meetings, but if you need to talk to us, you can. From anywhere.
Contact us via Facebook messenger, Twitter direct message, LinkedIn inbox and coming soon, live chat on our website.
And you know what, if you prefer more traditional forms of contact, we do that too. Call our UK head office between 9-5 any weekday, and we’ll be happy to help.
4. We come recommended
We understand that when you can’t see us, it’s harder to trust us. We also know that words only go so far – we can wax lyrical about our service all we want, but it doesn’t make our words necessarily true.
We don’t want you to take our word for granted. We’ve got industry partners who are willing to back us up. Take Fixr, the event creation website. We’re they’re recommended broker. They advise their customers to come to us when they need protection.
5. Size isn’t a big thing for us
Some insurance brokers won’t deal with any festival with a turnover of less than £1,000,000. Others don’t go anywhere near the ‘big boys’. We’re not like that. We take every event on its own merit. Whether you’re running a smaller one-off celebration or a big music festival, we’d like to talk to you.
We have the capabilities to put the right cover in place, no matter what the size.
If you’d like to talk to us today about your event insurance requirements, find us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Alternatively, if you want to save time, fill out our form and see what we can offer.

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