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The Best Coronation Party Ideas

April 19, 2023

A coronation party is a great way to commemorate the occasion of King Charles III being crowned king.

The coronation will take place on Saturday 6th May 2023, with a public bank holiday announced over Friday 5th to Monday 8th May. Whether your party is for your family friends, neighbours or the wider community, our coronation party ideas are here to get your Coronation Party rolling.

The Coronation Big Lunch is a call for all UK residents to come together and celebrate their neighbours and communities. Host a party or lunch in your local area to boost friendship and community spirit.

In this article, we will provide you with the best coronation party ideas to help you plan and host a successful event.

If you are planning on hosting a party or lunch to commemorate the coronation, please see information on:
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8 of the Best Coronation Party Ideas

1) Royal-Themed Decorations

Top of the coronation party ideas list is the essential decorations and bunting. Going all out on the decorations will be expected of any coronation party, both large and small. Plenty of union jacks are a good start. But for that extra delight, you’ll want to create a regal atmosphere, making your guests feel like royalty.

Some ideas for decorations include:

  • Red blue and gold colour scheme – Associated colours with royalty.
  • Crown centrepieces – Every little king and queen deserves a crown, as does every table.
  • Balloons – Easy to set up and typical for a party.
  • Royal banners – You can create your own banners with Long Live the King, or even have a banner creating competition with lots of materials.

2) Dress Code

You may want to set a dress code for your guests, not only to have fun with, but to also keep the party more relaxed or formal, whatever you are aiming for as the host. You can ask your guests to dress in formal wear or request that they wear clothing that fits the theme of the party. For example, you could ask them to dress in medieval-style clothing or wear a crown or tiara.

3) Royal Food and Drinks

The Coronation Quiche has been on everybody lips recently. Their Majesties have shared the recipe which feature spinach, tarragon and broad beans. The coronation quiche symbolises the cultures within the commonwealth as well those in our local community.

You need to take care when feeding the neighbours or members of the public, that the food is well cooked and prepared with proper hygiene standards. You do not need a food license, but if food is being offered to the wider public, then this could put you at risk of a claim if someone does fall ill.

You can create a menu that features dishes and drinks that are fit for royalty. For example, you could serve champagne, wine, and other upscale drinks. As for food, you can offer a buffet which features game meat and roast vegetables. However if your party is around lunch time then perhaps it would be best to serve something lighter such as cucumber sandwiches and crisps.

Afternoon Tea is always popular with the public and easy to dish out at your coronation lunch. Create a dessert table that includes cakes, pastries, and other sweet treats. Follow the Platinum Pudding Recipe for the latest commemorative royal dessert – don’t forget coronation chicken, Victoria sponge and copious amounts of trifle!

4) Photo Booth

A photo booth is an excellent way to provide your guests with a fun and memorable experience. If you are using a business’s services, they may provide you with props and sets, but you can also provide your own.

You could also hire a photographer to take professional photos of your guests. Ensure they have their own liabilty insurance in place. Distribute these photos back to your neighbourly guests or on your community centre’s board.

5) Screen the Coronation

The coronation is a televised event. It will include a televised garden party live from London afterwards, featuring some of the UK favourite artists. The royal procession and the following festival are not to be missed.

If you are plannig to host your party or Coronation Big Lunch during the coronation procession, then maybe you want to stream the event live at your party by using a large TV or a projector. These can be easily bought or hired for your coronation lunch.

Remember, any hired equipment needs to be protected with effective event equipment cover.

6) Entertainment

Keep you community and party guests entertained with good, hired entertainment. Hire a good DJ to play a party mix, or even go that little bit extra and get local brass brand to play some royal tunes live. Drummers are great for drumming up support and creating your own mock-precession.

Jugglers, clowns, fire-eaters, balloon-makers, comedians; be creative with your entertainment on offer. Vendors such as for ice- cream and sweet sellers, are also a great option. Remind your performers, musicians and entertainers that you require to see proof of their insurance, protecting their liability and any equipment they use. They can purchase performer’s and musician’s insurance with us at Insure Our Event.

7) Games and competitions

Keep the crowd involved with some popular coronation-themed games at your party or coronation lunch. Have prizes ready for the competition winners!

Some competition ideas include:

  • Egg and spoon race – a classic!
  • Sack race – another classic.
  • Coronation drawing competition.
  • Dress the King – provide rudimentary materials for dressing up a king.
  • Pin the Crown on the King
  • Design your own crown – get your sequins, glue and glittery jewels at the ready.

8) Face Painting and Bouncy Castles

Very popular with the children – let the kids play so the adults can have their time away. Face painting, colouring stations and the sort are ideal for keeping the kids distracted. Bouncy castles are inflatable castles, so already on theme with the coronation, as well as rope swings, football nets and play parks to tire the children out. These are all excellent photo opportunities and easily supervise-able; perfect for allowing the adults to enjoy the barbeque and beers.

Insure Our Event party insurance may not cover illness or accidents resulting from activities such as bouncy castles or face paints. For more information, read your policy details, and those of the manufacturer.

Finally, for the best coronation party or lunch, make sure you are insured!

Hosting a coronation party or Big Lunch, large or small, comes with financial risk. Insure Our EVent provide cover against any slips, trips or injuries with our public liability insurance policy. Now available with the lowest limits and best price, liability cover may need to be required by the council before hosting an event open to the public.

Cancellation insurance for coronation parties is also essential. If the weather doesn’t hold out and your event is cancelled due to bad weather, our adverse weather cover will keep you finances protect and compensate against your losses. Hired equipment such as projectors and food-making equipment needs to be covered with our event equipment hire, to protect against unforeseen losses due to theft or damages.

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