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Am I insured if it rains on my bonfire event?

October 6, 2023

Don’t let it rain on your parade

Bonfire night, the one night of the year you really don’t want it to rain. And yet it’s placed right in the middle of British monsoon season, mid-autumn, where we seem to have the most storms and rainfall. It’s especially these dump-months, that lost period leading up to Christmas, where adverse weather cover is essential for event organisers.

Bonfire night is an event fraught with risk, and as an event runner you need comprehensive insurance. Business, clubs and community centres need to be cautious as their standard insurance policy most likely does not cover putting on events, therefore they will need to purchase temporary events insurance.

No doubt event organisers will be keenly looking at the forecast prior to the event, however with adverse weather insurance, it should take away some of the worry. At Insure Our Event, we answer your most prominent questions about rainy weather at this time and it’s effect on event logistics

Am I automatically covered for Bonfire Night by my business insurance?

No, you need to read your policy details or discuss with your insurer to double check you are covered for events. Events which increase your capacity will most likely not be fully covered. Nor are events which require extra equipment and use third party services.

Consider purchasing adverse weather cover before planning your event. This protects you if you must cancel or abandon your event due to adverse weather conditions.

For business insurance advice for a social club, sports club or community centre, check out Club Insure. For business advice for a pub, bar or nightclub, contact NDML.

What happens when fireworks get wet?

Rainfall should not automatically cancel a fireworks show or bonfire. As long as the fireworks’ fuses aren’t wet, the fireworks should work as normal. Bonfires should light as normal as long as it’s not tipping it down. A bit of light rain should not be a problem.

The best way to continue a fireworks event and bonfire night is by keeping your equipment safe from the rain – this includes fireworks and the tinder for bonfires.

How to protect a Bonfire Night from rainfall?

Proper storage of firework and bonfire lighting equipment plays a significant role in whether you can push through with your event. The presence of dampness can ruin the fuse’s ignition, which can cause some, if not all, of your fireworks to misfire. Keep them in a cool and dry place with extra water-proofing measures, such as airtight bags or tarp to cover them from the elements.

When should I cancel my bonfire event?

Light rain should not be enough to cancel a bonfire event. As long as proper safety guidelines and risk assessments are followed, light rain should pose no problem. However, you should consider cancelling your event if you’ll be anticipating heavy rains or stormy weather. Insure Our Event are here to deliver on insurance for that eventuality, as we do not want event organisers to be financially hurt by some bad weather.

Strong winds can make setting off your pyrotechnic display dangerous. Heavy winds can put your fireworks’ trajectory off track and lead to accidents, especially if your fuse area is near your audience’s viewing area. Winds can also increase the heat of the large fire form the bonfire and make it more dangerous.

Do bonfires and fireworks increase the chance of rain?

Rumour has it that all this extra smoke increases the chances of cloud and rain the following day. Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services says “Particulates increase the potential for smog and for water vapour to coalesce,” Nevertheless, Jim Dale says stormy windy November weather would mean smoke particles would be lost and have little effect.

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