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7 Essential Tips for your Eurovision Party

March 10, 2023

How to Host a Eurovision Party

The Eurovision Song Contest was last hosted by the UK in 1998 following Katrina and the Waves’ victory with Love Shine A Light in 1997. 25 years on, and Liverpool hosts the finals – however tickets for all 9 shows at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest have sold out!

Perhaps you were lucky enough to get a ticket, or perhaps you are planning to celebrate the big occasion in your own special way. If it’s the latter, then our 7 essential tips should put you on the way to hosting the best and brightest Eurovision watch party.

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1. Save the date and send invitations

It’s wise to send out invitations to guests well in advance of your eurovision party. In the case of a eurovision watch party, the 2023 finals dates are as follows:

  • Semi-final 1: 9 May 2023
  • Semi-final 2: 11 May 2023
  • Grand Final: 13 May 2023

Create some invitations, either physically or digitally, and send them to your guests and neighbours. Make sure to include the date of the party, the time and location, the dress code as well as any specific instructions… (further details below) .

2. Plan your security and insurance

Make sure your eurovision party is covered by insurance in case of accidents or incidents. Public liability will cover any costs of claims for slips, trips and injury sustained at your event. Many venues will require proof of liability insurance in order to allow for a booked party to go ahead. Cancellation insurance will cover venue or entertainment hire costs in case your party is cancelled due unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather. 

For exclusive parties, security is essential; keep your guests protected by utilising a well-reviewed security company. Many security members also double as first-aiders and understand how to deal with a serious situation. It is extremely unlikely, but eurovision is a target for hate-crime; act first to keep your party protected.

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3. Set up the viewing area

Eurovision is fun and enlightening, but with the new voting system, exceptionally long! Hence it’s crucial to have a comfortable seating area for your guests. Gather the blankets and sofa cushions, and set up a big screen that everyone can see. Projectors are ideal, and can be rented if you don’t personally own one. 

4. Snacks and Catering

Snacks area must, and you can be creative with them. Theme your snacks for each nation, and adopt a range of cuisines. For large parties you may want to hire a caterer or purchased pre-made food. Remember this can be insured; incase your food is cancelled, you can make a claim. Make sure you cater to different food requirements, you’ll need plenty of finger food for the long eurovision watch party ahead.

5. Create a Eurovision playlist

Every party needs an amazing playlist. It backgrounds the night, and as music is an integral part of eurovision, the playlist needs to be top notch. Pick past winners and favourites from eurovison to highlight the playlist, and bring your guests together. From Maneskin to Abba, or from the current year’s songlist, get your playlist sorted. (My personal favourite is 2009’s Fairytale)

6. Assign countries to Guests

A great additional element to your party is to assign your guest each a country. This could be included on the invitation, having your guests prep food or costumes to bring in support of their nation. Have prepared flags and props for them to hold in celebration of their pot-luck adopted nation-for-the-night. The winner could perhaps earn a small prize or money and you could have an award ceremony of your own.

Add this surprise element to make your Eurovision party the best and memorable.

7. Make Scorecards and Rules for Voting

Create scorecards to allow each guests to have their say on the live acts. They can then keep count of their score and track it against the real winners and losers. Make this a competition and try to win by out-predicting your friends and family. Make sure the voting system you have in place is easy to understand.

Alternatively you can vote as a group and see who you all would award the magical 12 points.

And Bonus Tip – Remember to have fun!

Eurovision is all about enjoyment and getting into the spirit of the games. It’s about celebrating culture and diversity as well as togetherness. So feel free to adopt some or all of our tips, but above all make sure the event is fun for everyone. 

The cost of a Eurovision party can stretch into the hundreds or thousands for the host, especially when your trying to make the night as special and fun for everyone. Hence it’s wise to keep your finances protected. Party insurance is a small but crucial measure to guarantee financial security. 

Check out how cheap and comprehensively your party can be covered with an Insure Our Event insurance policy. Our quote form will provide an instant price, providing that necessary piece of mind.

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