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5 Essential Steps to running the Perfect Prom event

June 7, 2024

How to Organise the best prom and school dance

Hosting a prom event is an exciting opportunity for students to celebrate a significant milestone. However, ensuring the event runs smoothly and safely requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Here are five essential steps to running the perfect prom event:

Here’s 5 steps to running an end-of-year ball, school dance or prom:

Assemble a team of students, teachers, and parents to distribute responsibilities.

The key responsibilities to give a committee upon organising a prom event include:

Determine the total budget and allocate funds for venue, catering, decorations, entertainment, and other essentials. Choosing a theme as a theme can make the prom more memorable and guide the planning process.

Then perhaps allocate a timeline for each planning phase for the committee. This could involve booking the venue to finalising the guest list.

Venue choice plays a critical for the safety and enjoyment of the event

When selecting an event for a prom, you should consider:

Location – Choose a centrally located venue that is easily accessible.

Capacity – Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate all attendees, staff, and chaperones.

Safety Features – Look for venues with adequate emergency exits, fire safety measures, and sufficient lighting.

Accessibility – Ensure the venue is accessible to all students, including those with disabilities.

Risk assessments and security of the venue will be essential to ensure a safe and successful prom event

Consider hiring a professional security company to oversee the event. Their services will include door management, line management, handling misdemeanours and clearing out the venue afterwards.

Ensure you conduct back checks and check-in procedures. This will help prevent prohibited items and prohibited people from entering.

All event organisers should develop an emergency plan. The will include where alarms and exits are located, as well as the location of on site emergency response such as fire extinguishers, defibrillators and first aid kits.

Have the best possible prom with excellent vendors and performers

Have a range of food and drink options, this ensure all your guests will be happy and well-fed. Decorations are also key, help your committee bring your theme to life. Book a DJ or dancers or entertainer of your choice well in advance – they will help make your event memorable.

Each vendor, entertainer and supplier, will need performers and musicians’ insurance or stallholders insurance, which can be bought through Insure Our Event. Direct them to receive a free quote here.

Proms, school dances, and end-of-year parties often event insurance. Proof of insurance will be request by the landlord or venue owner ahead of the event.

Adequate insurance coverage protects against unforeseen events, such as a cancellation or injury. The cover will help refinance the deposit for the venue hire, or any legal expenses in the result of a claim. For events where volunteers or staff are hired, employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement.

Public liability insurance for a prom covers against slips trips and falls as well as property damage.

Employer’s liability insurance for a prom covers against claims made by paid staff or unpaid volunteers.

Cancellation insurance for a prom is necessary to refund costs of hire in case the event is cancelled.

Bad weather insurance for a prom is an add on that will cover you for outdoor events and activities in case of unforeseen weather.

Equipment insurance for a prom or school dance will cover the cost of hiring large equipment.

  • Name of the event
  • Name and address of the venue
  • The maximum capacity number of your event
  • What areas of the event you would like to insure for a fully flexible quote
  • An idea of the amount of liability cover you would like to take out

Visit our free online quote form for an instant price estimation.

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