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Don’t forget this for a World Cup Watch Party

November 4, 2022

Having a world cup watch party? Don’t forget these 5 things:

The world cup kicks off on Sunday 20th November. And as all eyes turn to Qatar, these eyes will need somewhere to go to watch it. Many businesses are planning on running their own world cup watch party, attracting a large audience and celebrating England (or Wales’) heroic overdue tournament win together. Private individuals will also be wanting to set up a large event at their home or at a venue, inviting their friends and family to watch their chosen team’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Southgate’s men.

Whatever your allegiance, whatever your plans – whether you are hosting a private party to view the World Cup, or you are a business looking to put on a World Cup watch party event – there are five key things that should not be overlooked in your preparations.

Converting your venue

Bar, pub, nightclub, home, house, flat, campsite, all will require updates to suitable show the World Cup. Seating will need to be provided for your guests. Multiple screens set up, or one big projector, these can be hired for the best experience. Put up bunting and decorations to get into the football feel and theme your venue.

Health and Safety

Health and safety at events is paramount. Large-scale temporary events and parties needs major accident hazard awareness. Events which are likely to attract a lot of people need extensive health and safety in place as well as related procedures.

As an event organiser, it’s your duty to protect your guests. Use a comprehensive risk assessment to address issues which may occur; consider where to locate most of your audience; keep storage areas private and locked; have exits and entrances cleared and improve fire safety.

Entertainment – pre-match and post-match

Just as you need a TV license to stream the football, you’ll also need a music license to celebrate with music if you are running a publicly accessible businesses. A private party won’t require one, however it would be worth purchasing event equipment insurance for your music equipment. Damages, fire and theft are prevalent; protect yourself and your guests by purchasing effective insurance.

Get that world cup football playlist ready for the big day!

World Cup watch party insurance

Premiums range from £25 and up, and will depend on guest size, risk and event type. World cup viewing parties are relatively low risk events, but can include extensive equipment and so will need insuring.

Insurance essentials for any party include: Public liability insurance – protecting you from injuries and damages; Employers liability insurance – protecting you if you have staff or volunteers; Cancellation insurance – protecting your costs in case the event is cancelled; Event equipment insurance – protecting your equipment from damage of theft.

Late nights and bad weather

Far away from the sunny beer garden World Cup celebrations we are used to, this year’s will be closer to the winter solstice. Autumnal nights are notoriously cold and dark, increasing the risk of slips and trips. We suggest you market, alongside you’re the details of your event, information around safe parking, wrapping up warm, and travel routes as to not inconvenience your guests. Spot check your venue for natural light areas, as they will become dark by the time the games are played – between 1pm and 7pm – and increase artificial lighting, internally and externally. De-ice any areas that require it and provide plentiful information for your guests.

If you are planning on using outdoor space, check the weather forecast. The Met Office has recently warned of November weather – bad weather insurance is necessary for outdoor events to save against the possibility of cancellation. Tie things down that may blow away in bad weather, and keep the rain off any of your equipment.

Insure Our Event offers the best and easiest one off event insurance. Whether you need additional insurance for your business or you are organising a private party, we will tailor a premium to your needs. Our fully flexible cover is ideal for watch parties and celebrations.
Fill out our instant quote form to see how much it would cost (parties typically start at around £25 depending on capacity, type of event, venue and equipment hire). Get your liability cover today.

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