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The difference between event insurance and event organiser insurance

June 17, 2020

Event insurance is an umbrella term, comprising of a number of different types of insurance covers. This includes Public Liability, Event Cancellation and much more.

Event organiser insurance also relates to the above as event organisers must ensure adequate cover is in place for all events they plan. The only additional cover event organisers may need to individually consider is Professional Indemnity Insurance. This will protect event organisers financially if they are accused of negligence (such as making a professional error or giving wrong advice).

Who is responsible for organising insurance?

Anyone who is “in charge” of an event should be responsible for arranging event insurance. If someone has hired an event organiser or event agency to take responsibility for constructing an event, then it will be up to them to arrange the event insurance also. After all, who knows an event better than the people organising it?

There are many facets to an event, and determining the right insurance can be a tricky task. You will need to know how much cover you need and what elements of your event require protection. Is it likely adverse weather will impact your event? Would a guest speaker or headline act cancelling cause others to give backword? Event organisers are notorious for knowing their projects inside out, so they are the best people to arrange insurance.

Venues may have their own insurance in place, but it will be up to an event organiser to ensure they also have Public Liability Insurance to cover any third-party damages. Similarly, contractors or suppliers should have their own insurance but their involvement with your event should be covered by the event organiser’s Public Liability should an effective employee cause injury or damage.

How can I find the best event insurance policy?

As with all insurance policies, you must seek to find the best insurance cover for the most competitive price. Cheap cover might seem appealing but, if the worst does happen, are you truly covered? Work with a reputable broker who understands your industry and can recommend the best policy.

At Insure Our Event, you get the best of both worlds. We provide a quick online quote and buy service for busy event organisers but our behind-the-scenes team are knowledgeable insurance experts always eager to help. If you would like further advice on the cover you need for your event, and who needs to organise it, please contact us.

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