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Festival artists to look out for this year

July 1, 2024

So many festivals are operating this year. The most asked question: Who is performing?

Read below to discover the festival artists that have swept the nation. We have compiled a list of some acts we are keeping an eye on. From well known ones to upcoming artists and unique genres, you can find it all here!

There is a wide range of festival artists for events to attract consumers

Which genres are popular this year?

This year has been a year of variety. We have seen a surge of rap and house music within festivals but our favourite genres are here to stay. Pop and electronic is still thriving within festivals. This has attracted mass crowds each year and continues to do so. An interesting genre that seems to have made a splash in the festival industry is Afrobeats. Artists such as Rema and Tems have caused the genre to climb the charts and earn headline spots at major festivals. Take a listen to them both by clicking the links below. Recently, artists are a mix of genres and popularity which caters to more. In order to attract visitors it is important to have a variety playing either live or through speakers.

Which festival artists are making a comeback?

In recent years, familiar faces seem to have returned to the stage. Artists that have released new music have earned a spot at large festivals such as Glastonbury which has over 2000 different acts. An artist taking the world by storm yet again is Dua Lipa. Her forward fashion and energetic performances keep getting better each time. Another artist that has made an immense comeback- Sophie Ellis-Bextor. After receiving popularity on Tiktok, her song ‘Murder on the dancefloor’ shot back to number 2 on the charts after 20 years. This seems to have launched her career yet again. Jorja Smith has also risen in popularity after recent success. Her perfect vocals and stage presence makes her a highly anticipated act.

Who are the new festival artists to keep an eye out for?

To keep your festival relevant, you must search for artists who are bringing something unique to your festival. We have spotted new talents that have such potential. A group that has received limelight recently: Jungle. This upbeat group have the perfect combination of genres and have an edge that isn’t found in artists nowadays. Another artists who has made an impact: Olivia Dean. Her stunning debut album rocketed in sales earning her a performance at Glastonbury this year to perform for the 200,000 people that flock there. Finally an artist whose music has taken over: Fred Again. His electronic music has featured in many festivals now and is sure to provide energy. Having these artists playing at your event will create that festival feeling.

What is being played at smaller festivals?

Larger festivals have the facilities to host around 100,000 so must also host artists who are notorious in the industry. Glastonbury this year has recruited SZA and Coldplay along with many other artists to impress. Smaller festivals are usually more tailored to a specific genre and have a smaller budget. They opt for artists who may be well known in a small community or choose artists starting out to gain them some traction. This can launch many careers and lead to being able to perform at the larger festivals. Usually smaller festivals cannot host live acts so use sound systems to provide music. Around 5,000 people or less attend these festivals.

With so much equipment insurance must also be considered. If you are looking to host a one off festival, consider reading more about our festival insurance. Click the link below for more information about festival insurance as well as other event insurance types.

We have also compiled our top festival artists that are sure to place your festival on peoples’ radar. These are sure to create that festival feeling for attendees which we know can be hard as a small event. Below we have linked our own playlist to give inspiration for festival organisers. Take a look!

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