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Exhibition event insurance – what you need and why

July 26, 2021

So, you’re getting ready to host an exhibition? Here’s why you need exhibition event insurance!

This must be an exciting time for you. Exciting, but also maybe stressful.

We know how much work goes into hosting the perfect exhibition. But we also know that when you get it right, it can be amazing.

Getting it right means booking the perfect venue, creating the perfect marketing, putting on the perfect catering. And it also means choosing the perfect insurance package.

In a strange kind of oxymoron, you need to get it right in case it goes wrong. You can get the planning stage spot on, and do everything just the way it should be done, but you can’t account for accident or incidents outside of your control. And that’s where we come in.

If you don’t have insurance and an accident or injury does occur, your perfect exhibition could quickly turn into a disaster. Huge financial bills and customers who will never come to your exhibition again; it doesn’t bear thinking about.

But what exactly does exhibition insurance cover?

Depending on your package, exhibition event insurance can cover a wide variety of things. No two exhibitions are the same, which is why Insure Our Event tailor all our packages. The one-size-fits-all approach does not work.

Employers Liability:

There’s a common misconception with Employer’s Liability cover that it only protects in the event of accident or injury to paid employees. In fact, it also covers should this be volunteers which, if you’re exhibiting from a museum or charity, could be an important point for you.

Public Liability:

Even though exhibitions aren’t thought of as being a hotbed or accident or injury, there’s still a chance that a member of the visiting public could injure themselves at your event. There may not be a rush of bodies like there would be at another event such as a festival, but there will still be wires to trip over, heavy things to fall over and slippery floors to help someone lose their balance.

Public liability cover at exhibition events is as important as it is at any other event.

Event Equipment Cover:

An exhibition usually displays one-off or unique items. And they’re often expensive. If a historic piece of china or a beautiful painting was to fall and become damaged, the cost of repairs could be mind-blowing. Event equipment cover will help cover those costs, as well as damages to equipment such as speakers that you’ve used to run the event.

Cancellation Cover:

When people think of cancellation cover, they often think of events being called off because of the weather. That thought process often results in exhibition organisers feeling like they don’t need this type of cover, because their events are usually inside.

But weather is just one of a large number of factors that could see an event called off. Issues with the venue, police incidents, health outbreaks…if you can’t guarantee that none of the above could happen (and you can’t) then you need cancellation cover.

If you’re running an exhibition, you need event insurance.

Request a no-obligation quote from us today and you’ll see how hassle-free and affordable sorting you exhibition event insurance really is.

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