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Do exhibitors need additional event insurance?

July 16, 2021

With Freedom Day upon us, events and exhibitions will be allowed to reopen without restriction. Those organising exhibitions and conferences must have relevant insurance. But exhibitors may need their own policy if they want to be thoroughly protected too. 

In this blog we look at the differences between exhibitor and exhibition insurance, so you can decipher what type of cover you need:

About exhibition insurance

Exhibition organisers must have a comprehensive insurance policy in place to protect employees, members of the public and exhibitors. Liability cover ensures that, if there’s an accident or incident, the exhibition organiser won’t be left footing the bill. You should also consider insurance cover that protects your property and possessions so that if any of your equipment (or equipment you’re hiring) gets lost or damaged you’ll be covered. 

An insurance policy can also protect you against cancellation or disruption. So, if your exhibition can’t go ahead, you’ll be reimbursed for any irrecoverable costs. 

There’s also cover available for unexpected incidents such as terrorism cover, non-appearance (if a key exhibitor or guest speaker cancels last minute) or adverse weather if your exhibition is held outdoors or in a temporary structure. 

However, this type of cover won’t provide insurance for individual stands. Exhibition organisers aren’t liable for any accidents or incidents that are caused by an exhibitor’s negligence, after all. And why should an exhibition organiser pay boosted premiums and potential policy excess for individual exhibitor equipment? When you start to look at it that way, it’s clear to see why so many exhibition organisers require their exhibitors to have individual cover in place. 

Exhibitor vs exhibition insurance

Exhibitors carry different risks to exhibition organisers. 

Individual exhibitors are responsible for their own space. An exhibition visitor or members of staff at the exhibition are ultimately still just members of the public. If they trip or slip whilst at your stand, you’ll be liable for any injury. 

You should also consider any employees or volunteers working at your stall. If there’s an accident, or they suffer an injury or illness as a result of working for you… will you be able to afford hefty legal fees and compensation costs? Probably not. That’s where your insurance cover kicks in. 

It’s also important to consider your own equipment. An exhibition organiser should have insurance covering their own property and possessions – but what about your own stand equipment or products? If something happens and your stand equipment or products are damaged or stolen, it’s your responsibility to make sure you have the right insurance in place. 

What happens if an exhibition is cancelled?

The exhibition organiser is liable is the exhibition is cancelled altogether. But what if something happens that just impacts you, and your ability to attend? You’ll no doubt have irrecoverable costs such as stand deposits and accommodation. Insurance cover will allow you to claim those costs. 

Make sure you’re comprehensively covered

Whether you’re an exhibition organiser or an experienced exhibitor, you must have comprehensive cover to protect you and those around you. 

Our expert team are able to provide an event insurance quote for a range of scenarios. Get a quote now to find out how we can help.

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