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Our top tips for boosting your event AFTER it's taken place

February 22, 2019

Why on earth would you want to boost an event after it’s taken place? Surely at that point, your job is already done?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Post-event is one of the most important times to reach an audience. That 2-4 week period after your event is often neglected, but it’s a vital time for sales, retention and brand awareness.

That’s your key period. You have the best chance of selling your next event, or products from the event that’s just gone, while the ideas and feel good factor are still fresh in the minds of your visitors.

In this article, we’ll go through the best ways that you can target your visitors long after they’ve set off home from your event:

Social Media

In this day and age, you probably all use social media to get people interested in your event in the first place. But how many of you go back to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to create communities out of the people who attended?

Social media brings people together. The exact same thing can be said about events.

Events are such a good marketing tool because they bring together likeminded people who all show interest in your product. So harness that spirit and use social media to keep your event community together after the event.

Ask people to tag themselves in photos from the event. Share links to the best talks, shows or incidents. Create groups and add attendees.

If you can connect attendees long term, you have an audience that you can come back to time and time again.

Email Marketing

Hopefully, you’ll have collected an email address from pretty much every visitor to your event. Depending on the size and type of event you’re running, each one of those email addresses could be worth a lot of money.

Figures show that for many retail sites, the email address collected on the first purchase is worth on average about 10 times the profit made on the actual sale. Those are incredible numbers.

Clever email marketing after an event can set you up with thousands of new sales or attendees for the next event. Just make sure that you remain compliant with GDPR and you’re not overdoing it with the frequency of your emails.

Feedback sites

95% of customers read online reviews before buying, and 88% trust what’s said in those reviews. So if you’re not using reviews to help sell your product or next event, you’re missing a trick.

There are loads of ways to encourage attendees to leave you good feedback; through social media, email or in person at the event; just make sure that when you’re asking them, leave a positive impression in mind. You don’t want them leaving a review on the back of something you’ve done poorly.

Thank you freebies

We all love freebies. It’s human nature.

We expect to receive them at events and conferences. It’s all part of the show.

But how much more would you appreciate a freebie if the event organisers sent them to you personally AFTER the event had happened? They’d been thoughtful enough to say thank you even after your time as a paying customer had ended.

Freebies paint a picture. It can be expensive to send them out (depending on what they are) but the brand confidence and positivity you’re creating could be more than worth it.

Youtube highlight reel

YouTube is the most visited website in the world after Google. It gets more traffic than Facebook, just to put that into context.

There’s a very good chance that most of your visitors will watch videos on YouTube regularly, so it’s a great place for you to ‘hang around’.

The best thing about a highlight reel is that it reminds visitors about the event and creates an emotional connection. You get to delete the average moments from your event, or the ones that didn’t go exactly to plan. You can focus solely on the best parts.

Creating a brilliant highlight reel will leave visitors wanting more.

Fresh in the minds

So they’re some of our top tips for boosting your event after its taken place, but we’d like you to suggest some of yours too. There’s no right or wrong way; you’ll have your own preferred method depending on the type of event and your audience.

As long as you target users while your event is fresh in the mind, you’ll create effective marketing long after the doors to your event have closed.

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