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Best Ideas For Organising a Euros Football Event

June 14, 2024

The Best Euro Tournament Event Ideas:

Hosting a Euro Football Tournament Party is a fantastic way event organisers can attract football fans and patriots.

The Euros tournament is expected to provide a huge boost to the local economy and businesses, so it’s well worth event organisers getting a piece of the action. Many football fans will be looking out for watch party’s and Euro tournament events to attend and enjoy the games. They’ll be expecting entertainment, atmosphere, and above all, decorations.

Use the diversity of the Euros by offering a themed drinks menu featuring beers and cocktails from the countries playing. Some drink ideas might be German lagers, Italian wines, French ciders, and Spanish sangrias. You could make a cocktail for each team, something like Portugal’s pina colada or Dutch Oranje Bitter. This is a very good way to attract customers as it encourages them to try something new and celebrate different customers.

Transform your bar into a football haven with football team themed decorations. Use national flags, colourful banners, and memorabilia from the participating countries to create a good atmosphere.

It’s important to make sure everyone can see the games and doesn’t have a bad view. To resolve this you could set up large TVs or a projector to ensure everyone gets a good experience.

To attract more customers you could set up goal post frames, and even a mini penalty shootout area for an immersive experience.

It’s important to make sure everyone can see the games and doesn’t have a bad view. To resolve this you could set up large TVs or a projector to ensure everyone gets a good experience.

Paper and plastic cups for the Euro tournament is essential for clubs and pubs. The tradition of losing your drink during a last minute winner could result in broken glass and spillage if precautions are not met.

Offer a menu that features traditional dishes from various the European countries taking part.

  • German bratwursts,
  • Spanish paella,
  • French cheeses,
  • Italian pizzas.
  • English Pork Pies,
  • Hungarian goulash,

Euro tournament event organisers should consider rotating these dishes depending on who is playing on the day. Pair the dishes with the nation’s drink to enhance the experience.

Enhance the matchday experience with live music performances, focusing on popular European songs and football anthems. Hire local bands or DJs to play before and after the matches, also at half time. Try to get the customers to sing along with the live music to really enhance the experience.

Be aware: Performers and Entertainers need their own liability insurance. A free instant quote for performers and musicians insurance is available here.

Keep the celebrations going with a post-match party. Offer themed nights based on the winning teams, complete with music, dance, and celebratory drinks. This not only keeps customers in your venue longer but also gives them a reason to celebrate and buy more drinks. Plan ahead with games, karaoke and dancing.

It is essential whenever running an event as an organiser that you perform a risk assessment. Analyse where the risks exists and what risks are posed by your venue, look at entry and exit points, walkways and equipment risks.

See our risk assessment templates and documentation to ensure you have proactively managed your risk exposure.

A risk assessment will be required for your insurance cover. Insurance is absolutely essential for a Euro tournament party as the event organiser. Purchases and hires made for the Euros tournament can be covered by the equipment insurance. Slips trips and falls will be covered by public liability insurance. Volunteers and staff are legally required to be insured under employers’ liability insurance.

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