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Be aware, and prevent attacks at your events

August 28, 2019

Security issues at events have grown and evolved in recent years. We can’t talk about them in the same way as we did ten, five, or even a couple of years ago.

Threats to events, both large and small, are constantly evolving. This makes it difficult to always be protected. But there are things you can be aware of, and steps you can take, to make sure that you and your customers are safe.

The three key areas below are where we can see the biggest threats, and it highlights where you should focus your efforts in protecting your event:

1. Terrorism

Many terrorist attacks, including the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, could have been prevented with proper risk management.

It’s paramout that security staff are briefed to monitor anyone at your event acting suspiciously. Terrorists are unlikely to act completely on impulse, and are likely to spend time scoping their best opportunity before taking action. So by being vigilant, you stand a better chance of intercepting any dangerous activity.

You should also avoid regimented times for shift changes and security checks so the attacker can’t pick up on patterns.

2. Acid Attacks

One of the main problems with preventing an acid attack is that acid is so widely used in everyday life.

Sulphuric acid, for instance, is used as drain cleaner by people doing domestic cleaning. It just so happens that it also has the capacity to cause severe burns and dissolve skin and bones.

The vigilant approach is the best way to prevent an acid attack.
Searches upon entry should look for people bringing containers into the venue, as well as usual offensive items such as knives or drugs. These searches should also question suspicious clothing, such as large coats at warm summer events.

Acid is the weapon of choice for people who want to do the most amount of damage with the least chance of retribution. They’re harder to spot, but they’re more likely to be put off by a strong security presence.

3. Cyber Crime

Cyber is a troublesome form of crime as you can’t tell when it’s coming. Criminals can send millions of malicious attacks in minutes and they don’t pick and choose who they’re attacking.

But like terrorism, most cyber-attacks are preventable. Through implementing proper firewalls and security on your IT systems, and teaching staff what harmful emails look like, you can prevent the majority of attacks.

The biggest cyber threat to most businesses is their own carelessness and that of their staff.

So what next?

Now that you know three critical areas in need of monitoring, you can start taking steps to prevent against them.

But if the worst did happen – are you, your customers and your staff protected? By making sure you’re comprehensively covered with a tailored insurance policy to protect against these threats, we can help you put things right, when things go wrong.

If you’re not sure, talk to our team to find out more about how we can support you and your event.

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