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A look back at what made this summer's events great

September 4, 2019

With summer 2019 winding down, and the weather going in a decidedly drizzly direction, we’re taking a look back at some of the summers highs and lows.

We missed out on the consistent great weather of 2019, and were faced with some serious ups and downs. From scorching sun to torrential downpours. It’s been unpredictable for the weather and unpredictable for events.

But by and large, we’ve seen some exceptional events hit the venues and fields across the country. With some amazing performances and exceptional experiences.

The success

Glastonbury 2019:

Following a fallow year (Glastonbury’s year off to give the land, organisers and local community a break), expectations were high and people were excited to see what was in store. Glastonbury returned with renewed enthusiasm and a stellar line up. And it’s safe to say Emily Eavis and team blew everyone away.

One of the most important elements of a great event is having something unique.

And that’s something Glastonbury had in spades this year. With the reputation and cult status of the festival still in strong standing, it would be easy for the organisers to rest on their laurels. But they very much focused on making Glastonbury 2019 a festival with an eye firmly on the future.

The event gave us a number of firsts, including:

  • The first rapper to headline the festival
  • The first festival to ban single use plastic
  • Kylie finally made her Glastonbury debut
  • David Attenborough featured on the famous Pyramid stage (albeit in voice only)
  • Surprise performances and secret events

These headline features, alongside a whole host of other elements made Glastonbury one of the most unique events on the calendar, and proves that by offering something different, you can create an exceptional experience for your fans.

Whether on Glastonbury’s epic scale, or for small local events. There are lessons everyone can learn from what Glastonbury has achieved:

  1. Stay relevant
  2. Do something different
  3. Have integrity

And by following these three key pillars, you can make sure you’re delivering an amazing event whatever the size. You can read a more in depth review of Glastonbury here.T

The unusual

Rolling into it’s ninth year, this summer brought another season of Wilderness Festival. This boutique Oxfordshire hideaway is the antithesis to festivals of old.

Instead of wonkily erected tents, you’ve got stylish yurts. In place of greasy food vans you’ve got renowned chefs creating sit down dining experiences. And to round it all off there are a host of theatrical, arts and wellbeing features to make this a full experiential event that’s so much more than just music.

And all this reinforces one point we’ve seen above in our take on Glastonbury. Offering something unique, works.

There are few experiences that quite match what Wilderness offers, and it’s because of this that it’s growing year on year. Now we’re not saying all festivals should offer toxic masculinity classes and poetry workshops. But by creating something unique, you have the opportunity to create a buzz. Generate excitement. Make your audience feel like they HAVE to visit you.

Because only by coming to you will they get that one of a kind experience.

The ‘could do better’

Another stalwart in the festival calendar, but one that is potentially losing it’s lustre. Reading (and it’s sister festival Leeds), have been the ‘alternative’ choice for almost 50 years. Giving a home to the punks, goths, emos, rocker, grungers, ravers and every other imaginable ‘alt’ tribe over the past few decades.

It was different, and unique. It responded to the trends that people wanted to see. And it gave these audiences an outlet to enjoy music they might not find at more mainstream festivals.

However as time has gone on, Reading seems to have lost it’s edgy flair, and has become a more mainstream pop festival. Offering a look-alike experience to many others.

All this points to the fact that rock ‘n’ roll in its traditional form is in decline, and Reading needs to work to keep up to keep it’s edge and deliver something audiences can’t get elsewhere.

And all this reinforces the common theme that runs throughout all of these events.

Audiences want a unique experience!

Whether it be to create a memory that will last forever. Or to solidify bragging rights on their return to work or uni. Or even just to have something amazing to put on Instagram that none of their followers have experienced. Finding something unique and diverse is the paramount selling point for today’s audiences.

And the proof is in the pudding. The events that are following the trend and making sure what they do is something different and special, are winning out over those that rely more on their past.

And behemoths like Glastonbury are walking the line between the two. Bringing it’s history and provenance, alongside the flexibility and ability to do something new and evolve with time.

If you’d like to chat more about great events, or see how we can help keep your event protected, talk to our team today.

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